Stories and Activities from clubEFL Students

The ” bunny” boy, Georgia Maltezou,C2,NEON Aegina

It was just a normal day in Scotland but it was a bit special at the same time because it was my birthday. I was going to be 13 and i wanted to have a big party,so I invited all of my friends and family members. 

We were planing the party when my dad told me new neighbors were coming today.  Of course I was happy about it. The new neighbors arrived some hours before the party started.

While I was having my party , we heard creepy noises , like screaming and banging on the wall. We all then stopped talking and dancing and listened to the noises.  Every day at 10:00p.m the same thing happened until one day , we saw a weird creature outside their window.

It had long, dirty white and red ears , it was tall and it had weird , hairy legs , but when it turned around , it was the worst. It had red eyes, big teeth and one was half broken and white and red hair was coming out of his old T-shirt.

My dad called the police and told them everything. The cops arrived really fast and got the creature. One police officer then came and told us this creature wanted to kill our neighbors and then my family. We were all scared . We called our neighbors to come and sleep with us. From that day, we speak with our neighbors everyday.