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The man behind the tall tree – Megan D1 neon

It was the 31st when I saw the playback from the outside cameras of my house.


Every night, I would take out my dog for a little walk, because he loved night walks.

We would always walk through the whole neighbourhood and back. It was an eight-minute walk. I was scared to go further, not only because it was night and dark, but also because my dog was starting to act really strangely when we would pass by a green tall house every night. It was quite creepy, I could tell. But then I thought that it was not a big deal, so I just kept walking.

The next night, we were passing by that green house again, but something was feeling really odd to me about it this time. The curtains were always closed, so was the garage. The house was quite big, with a big garden, surrounded by tall trees. The lights were always off, but there as always a little candle that was lit by the front door of the house. So, I knew someone was living there. But I had never seen anyone leaving or entering the house, even in the morning……

…..I have now moved to another neighbourhood, really far from the old one where I was living. After that night, after everything, after all these noises. I never wanted to walk in the night again, especially in that neighbourhood. It's been five months, and I still don't know how to feel about it.

I had never noticed a weird old man dressed all in black, standing outside of this green house behind a tree every night waiting for his next victim. I don't know if he did all that because he wanted to prepare for halloween and get in the mood. But I also don't think that it's normal watching people at night behind a tree, dressed all in black. The man was very mysterious and insanely creepy. He had black eyes, or maybe it was fake contacts for halloween, or maybe not. Had my dog noticed him the whole time? Is that the reason he'd started to act strangely when we were passing by that house? I'll never know.