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Spooky Story by argiris

As he is walking down the hallway, he hears a loud scream. Terrified, he starts walking faster and faster, hoping to outrun the danger of whatever he heard, to the point where he starts to run. When he reaches his room, he shuts the door behind and barricades it, but whatever was chasing him, however, is able to penetrate it. It tears down the door, it removes the obstacles, it walks towards him and gouges his eyes out, it eating them with dissatisfaction. It smashes his legs and arms and turns them into pure blood, drinking it with distaste right off the floor. It decapitates him, separating the head from his body, then smashing the entirety of his body and head alike, drinking it afterwards with discontent. Having no more flesh to eat and blood to drink, it continues its rampage.


It adventures in the night, seeking someone to fill with anguish. Every day, it finds more and more victims for it to devour and feed on; hopeless, helpless people. A merciless, devastating, and brutal creature that leaves nothing but grief and sorrow on its path, full of lust for blood. It thirsts for it, lives on it, thrives on it. It endlessly consumes it to satisfy its need for existence, hoping to achieve something in doing so, while in reality, it leads it to madness. It is on a never-ending journey towards redemption but it usually shatters all of its hard work. No one can escape it in this damned world, and no one is safe from it. It is something you can neither hide from or outrun. You will eventually have to face it. Maybe you will survive. But the outcome of the conflict will forever change your soul.


What is it, you may ask?
Well, then, let me tell you…
Capitalism at its finest