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Some scary stories and theories

  Hello, my name is Rea and I am going to tell you saome scary stories/fact.
  There was a couple who went  on a forest for a walk, they saw a man in a bunny costum started yelling: ''THIS IS MY FOREST, LEAAAAVE''. The couple ran as fast as they could and left the forest.

  Another fact is that if you wake up at 2-3 A.M., there's 90% possibility of someone look at you while you are sleeping.

  The whales, when they go on a big age, they are not able to swim because of their weight and they can't take a breath. So, they sink at the bottom of the sea and die.

  In a country, they used to take peoples skin off while they are alive . This happens to criminals and other people who have done bad things. In another counrty they used to put them inside a bull (who's made of metal).They put under the bull fire and the person suffers to death.

  That's all i hope you liked my stories/theories.