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A Spooky Story By Nick D2


The strong scratching sound was coming from the bedroom window. My friend nad I were walking outside the oldest house in the town and we heard a strange scratching sound so we ran eawy from this house.

Next morning while I was walking outside the house to go to school, I heard it again so I told my friend and we decited to go and see what this sound was. The next day, I called my friend and sai I was waiting fro him outside the house.

When my friend came, we took thw first step and thw strange scratching sound stopped but we still walked up to the house. There was a candle burning at thw window of the house. I saw but I didn't want to say it because I was scared my friend wouldn't want to go inside. When we went inside, we ran to the bedroom to see what this scratching sound was.When we reached the bedroom and opened the door, two little mice came out of the bedroom, so we understood what this scratching sound was.

While we are leaving the house, a strange voice was coming out of the bedroom. It was thw sound of a little child that had died in an explosion that had blown off her legs while a mafia gangster had killed his dad, who had been the mayor of the town in the past.