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Ghost Hunting by Teo D2 NEON Aegina

Once upon a time, there was an old man called James. James was into ghost hunting and really liked going to explore abandoned houses and explore them. But there was one specific time that James and one of his friends, Amanda, went to explore together……

They went in a dark long parking lot all alone, but because they were bored, they started doing a scary ritual that James had found on the internet. As they started the ritual, it was all going well but as they ended the ritual. things got scary, The radio started going off and nothing was making sense but when Amanda turned on her phone,  she dropped it and started crying and screaming. The radio was playing 'The devil is screaming', and she and James started praying.  At that moment, they heard a weird noise outside. It was a scary, bloody nun although there was no churches around. The nun screamed and started to break the window. James quickly started the car and left from there.

After that incident, James stopped ghost hunting and Amanda was scared for the rest of her life.    


The End 


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