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Luckily I wasn’t alone ZOE D2 NEON AEGINA

luckily I wasn't alone  

Three years ago,I decided with friend of mine to go  a house that they said was haunted. It was not far from my house,so we went on foot. We had brought water, torces and rope that my friend insited we take. As soon as we got there, we were both scared because we were all told that we would see a ghost and that we would hear different sounds.

When we got inside, everything was fine until the door closed abruptty. We were very scared but I said that it was the wind, but my friend told me after there was no wind.We started shouking.After 2-3 minutes, we calmed down and moved on. As we descended the stairs, a skeleton appeared and we were caled into a small room.When we turned on the torches, we saw bones upon many bones in front of us.The door was locked.We couldn't leave.

After minutes, it opened and we trie to leave, but to no avail. At some point, my friend felt that soeone had touchet her but she was not doing anything. At that moment, we were very very scared. We run and we went upstairs. The sounds we heard were getting louder. After a while, I saw that thare was a big window so I told my friend to step on a piece of  furmiture that it was there for us to jump from the windows. My friend was helding the rope in her hands in case we needed it, but we needed it anyway. After I jumped, my friend went to jump, but the bag fell on them, so she cought her with the rope and we left.

The next day, we learned that many people had been killed in this house and it had a strange energy. We never went there again.