Stories and Activities from clubEFL Students


The old house at the end of the street had been empty for years. A group of six teenagers, all decided to go to the house to explore it. They took with them torches, food and water. It was midnight, 2:00 A.M and their meeting point was in the park near the house.

After they all met up in the park, it was 2:30 A.M and before getting into the house, they checked if they all had battery on their phones. After they all saw that they had over 80%, they went into the house.

The first person who entered was John, because he was the only one who was fearless and all the others followed him.

The house was very big and creepy .

It had two roofs and an attic. The teenagers suddenly heard a girl who was singing and they were shocked. They turned on their torches and they continued to go inside the house.

Nancy's phone was ringing and she opened to see who was calling her but when she answered it, the phone switched off, the battery was dead, even though a while ago, it was fully chasged.

Everyone was surprised, so they opened their phones to see how much battery they had and no one had any except Bretta.

Before they knew what had happened, a man dressed totally in black, stabbed Bretta in her back.

Everyone shouted and quickly ran out of the house. They called the ambulance to take Bretta to the hospital.


When Bretta finally got well, they learned that this man was murderer and had killed over 100 children in the same way.  After that no one went to this house again.

Nancy Marini D2