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Two deaths in Mani Alexandra Apostolopoulou Neon Aegina D1

   One winter morning five friends, John, Mary, Errikos, Kate and Elena, woke up to go for a day trip to a mountain in Mani. The route was long and the fatigue was evident on their faces. When they arrived, they laid down their sleeping bags and slept. 

Suddenly, Errikos woke up and  realized that their car had been stolen. After few minutes,  all the friends woke up. The thing that made them wake up was the howling of wolves and the cold which was seeping through their bones. They was scared and they started walking to get to the public road without knowing where they were going. Suddenly, they heard footsteps on the fallen leaves and two eyes glinting among the trees. 

A wolf was coming at them! They had nowhere to hide so, they ran as fast as they could. But Kate tripped and fell. The wolf fell on her…Her cries were terrifying. It tore her body, the blood was flowing and they hid as they watched it tear her flesh. 

They had to find some cave to hide. They ran towards the mountain and found some hard stones to take with them as weapons. But a snake was hiding under the stones. It crawled so fast towards Elena, biting her ankle and she fell down, the poison killing her instantly. Everyone believed that Elena and Kate were dead.

Fear prevailed after they were suddenly attacked by three people with knives. They fought hand to hand. One of them cut John’s finger, who was screaming in pain. The nightmare continued. They were running to escape. 

They went out onto the public road where a passing car was found to take them to the hospital. They got into the car, but they,couldn’t recover from the shock and the driver of the car was strange. For some reason, he didn't ask them anything. The only thing that he did was to nod his head when they got to the hospital and sa,id thank you.

They went into the hospital and quickly, the doctors  took John to the surgery to sew up his fingers. Errikos had,kept both the fingers in a small jewellery box. When John's fingers were sewn back on, the doctors told them to have examinations, to see if everything was fine with their health. Suddenly, the lights went out, Errikos, John and Mary were terrified. The doctors calmed them down, telling them that a button had just turned off and in 2 minutes the lights would be back on. So, since they were suffering, they made them wait in a large room. Suddenly, they  saw 4 red marks that looked like drops of blood approaching.The drops grew bigger and bigger, until they reached the point of taking the form of Elena and Kate. Then they realized that their 2 friends had turned into vampires! They came towards them and they drank their blood. Then another shadow appeared that looked like that of the driver who took Errikos, Gianni and Mary to the hospital. Then they realized that the strange driver was a vampire. He cut off their hands, feet, tongues, noses and ears. He also scooped out their eyes with a spoon. All these were useful to him because he could sell them as pork in slaughterhouses, without the butchers knowing that they were buying human organs. Thus, Errikos, Kate and  ,John were now the undead. The power came back on but the hospital staff had also turned into vampires. Thus, when a patient entered the hospital, he did not leave again. The doctors drank their blood and after a while, they died.

This hospital mostly functioned as a day-care centre, but every day, it is heard in the news that many children are dying from lack of blood……