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Halloween story(not real)

It was 7th of November and I was watching Netflix with my family in my grandparents house,it was very cold outside , my granmda's cat was outside and she was freezing so we took it inside the house.The cat was black and it was like a hallowen cat (we had bought her a coustume,it was [...]

The night the zombies arrived

The story begins when some weird stuff happened at the graveyard like thunderstorm began very too often there and people had recorded that they heard some creepy noise coming from the ground even one man's leg started to shank to the ground,some people say that zombies are coming and that exact thing happened.      [...]


In my village, there was once a creepy man named Thanos. He had a really long neck, bright green eyes and his fingers were connected to his wrists. He would wake up at exactly 3:45 a.m. and stare to the villagers windows until they would go insane. Then, if people tried to have an interaction [...]

Halloween Spooky Story by Nektarios Giannoulis

Don't go inside the old goatshed at the end of the garden", the landlord told her."It's not safe", she recalled. But how did she get there?     It was a fine mid-autumn afternoon and the weather was cold, a bit cloudy. Olivia was in the coziness of her house, enjoying the warmth of her fireplace. Suddenly her cell-phone rang furiously, like [...]

The man behind the tall tree – Megan D1 neon

It was the 31st when I saw the playback from the outside cameras of my house.   Every night, I would take out my dog for a little walk, because he loved night walks. We would always walk through the whole neighbourhood and back. It was an eight-minute walk. I was scared to go further, [...]

Alone.By Konstantina Skoulariki C2 NEON Aegina

One night in my sleep I heard a voice telling me that I was dead.I woke up and i saw a shadow closing the door.Of course I was scarred.I tried to go to my parent’s bedroom but it was outside.I didn’t know what to do untill the door opens again.It was the shadow again.she looked [...]

A good run

A Good Run A snail crawled along a leaf of the bush. It was calm. Tom didn’t notice it. His breathing was heavy, his heart thumping loudly. He listened to his surroundings: raindrops lazily falling and splashing on the ground rhythmically, a crow taking flight and an alien screech that pierced Tom’s ears which were [...]

Two deaths in Mani Alexandra Apostolopoulou Neon Aegina D1

   One winter morning five friends, John, Mary, Errikos, Kate and Elena, woke up to go for a day trip to a mountain in Mani. The route was long and the fatigue was evident on their faces. When they arrived, they laid down their sleeping bags and slept.  Suddenly, Errikos woke up and  realized that their car [...]

The legend of the witches

Once upon a time, long ago, far away from the cities and villages, where friendly and dangerous creatures would make their houses, was where Witches used to live. Back in the ancient times, humans used to say that witches were mean, and dangerous, but no one ever talk about the start of the story. Villains [...]


Hello fellow travelers! I heard you have been searching for the scariest stories on this place, well you came……in the wrong place idiot! but, since you came I will share one… A woman named Susie loves going sometimes camping in the forest alone, and this time she took a few photos of her in the [...]