Stories and Activities from clubEFL Students

Spirits are real

Once upon a time at a halloween night there was a 10 year old child went for a walk at a mountain.When he got at the hightest spot…he said that he saw ghost and spirits that night was his real nightmare he got that svared that he fell of that spot and died.From that day every halloween his ghost stay at that place until midnight.Some people say that they had even seen his spirit chilling on the ground and making scary noises.In 2003 one groud of children whet at that spot to talk to hunt down his ghost,when they got there they actually saw and took a photo of that mysterious spirit and tried to leave but when they tried to go down that spot they saw that his spirit was chasing them,about that spot is that very hard u can get down of there its so hard to get down that some childeren died and they lost the photo so from now its forbitten to go to that spot because of the hard accesses and from the spirits they have seen….