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Trick or Treat by Paty Neon Aegina

 One Haloween' s night a witch widow decided to go to play trick or treat on 3 people. She went to the first person and she rang the bell. Then the witch disappeared too and after 3 seconds, everybody who lived in that house disappeared too. The same happened suddenly in the next two houses. Then the wisest person of the town decided to find who did it. His mother was sleeping. When he came back, he found blood everywhere and his mother wasn' t there. Then he understood who did it and decided to punish the witch.

Σχετική εικόναΣχετική εικόνα

Σχετική εικόναΣχετική εικόνα

The Abduction BY GEORGE TZITZIS, Neon, Aegina

A few years ago,two boys,one 8 years old and one 12 years old,go for trick or treat.The young boy was diabetic and he needed medicines to be alive.When they started,their first house is next to their house.<<Trick or treat>> they said…and the houses man gaves them some sweets.When they went to the last house in the town,they saw a sign.The sign said <<ATTENTION! HAUNTED HOUSE!>>.They thought it was a prank and they didn'y believe it.When they rang the bell,the dour opened alone.The two boys were very scared and they started running,but they couldn't run because someone had cosed and locked the door.The next day,something strange happened.When the boys wake up,they were locked in a room of this house,the young boy was not having his medicine.Their mum called the police.In the afternoon,the kidnaper called their mum to bring money because if their mum didn't bring the money,the kidnaper will kill the kids.The kidnaper said <<Don't call the police because I will kill them>>.But she didn't listen to him.The police found the kids when the kidnaper was sleeping and now,he is in the prison.                                             Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για halloweenΑποτέλεσμα εικόνας για halloween

Halloween by Natalia Mema


               It was Saturday 24th of October . In  one week,  it  would be       Halloween and every one was getting ready for the parties and the trick or treat.  Every  house  had   decorated  their gardens  with ghosts,  spiders,  witches and zombies . It  was only one house  that didn't have any  decorations but it looked mysterious. I lived in front of  it and I could see it every day.  Many times at midnight, I heard strange things coming from outside. But I thought that it was one of the decorations that my mum had.

Three days ago, I was coming back from  school and I saw an open window at that house. The strange thing was  that  the house was uninhabited.  I got scared but I thought that it was my  imagination and it wasn't anything. Then in the middle of the night, I heard  again the same sounds .       

This happened  for three days until  Saturday, I heard  these sounds  again but with them,  I heard a strange  song with laughter.  I stood up and went down stairs. I took a piece of wood  with me and then went out of the house.  Everything was peaceful but  because of the decorations, I was getting scared and thinking of what I   was going to do. Then I decided.  I went across the road  and went in  the garden of that house .  As I was going nearer, I was hearing voices and  those strange songs.  Then I knocked on the door .  I heard steps.  My heartbeat was getting  faster and faster.Then, the door opened with a loud screech and in front  of me was standing a huge…………………..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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THE END…           




George Bardakis D2 Neon Aegina

It was a little village in Venezuela where there was a small lake. A a family went for their holidays to the village. When they went to a fishing store, the father asked a man where the lake was. But the man said never to go to lake because it seemed that a monster lived in the lake. The father didn't listen to him and went to the lake.

The next day, people from the villge went to find the family, but they found only a camera with this photo inside…….   Î‘ποτέλεσμα εικόνας για τερατα λιμνης

Tasos Iliadis D2 Aegina

Once upon a time, there were two children brothers to be exact. They both loved their grandad who recently died. They wanted to talk to him for one last time.

So they ordered the ouja board from the dark web.

Ouja board is a game where you communicate with spirits and demons either they are bad or good.When the ouja board arrived they started searching and searching for their grandad. After hours of searchin they accidentally summon the strongest demon ZOZO who actually gets his power of people calling his name one time calliing his name equals with fifty bodubuilders.ZOZO knew what the kids where looking for, so he acted like their grandad, he knew that they wanted atleast for him to be alright on the other side.

He said "Yes it's me your grandad and if you want me be ok in this side please say ZOZO one hundred times". 

The children with no other questions said the name one hundred times each.

When they were done they heard a loud evil luagh and it was the last one that they heard.

After them ZOZO put for his next objective the whole world, then the solar system and then…THE WHOLE UNIVERSE.Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για zozo

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για ouija board

Helen’s Halloween by Panagiota D2 Neon, Aegina

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Helen. One night, she finished her job earlier and she decided to go for a walk. As she walked, a strange man approached and drove her to an abandoned house. The door opened and the man pushed the girl through and locked the door.The girl was crying and screaming, but no one heard her.The man left and the girl was trembling. She looked around and saw many spiders and spiders' webs. She heard a voice and she walked up the stairs and saw the man's head. She screamed but fortunately, she found an open door which led outside. She ran and went out quickly.



Five years ago,I had a neighbour who was old, about
80 years old, I think and was very strange.He hated
all celebratin Like Easter and Christmas. But the worst
for him was Halloween.
Some people were saying he was strange because
his wife was dead. She had died on Halloween
celebration from cancer….He loved her very much
and after his wife died, he didn't go out of his home .
He was there screaming and crying all day and he
was hated everybody and everything.
Now he was dead, he was a very good person.
He helped many charities and he helped homeless
people. My parents told me that he'd died and the
good spirit had taken him to heaven to be with his

The keyhole by Mike D1 Neon Aegina

     A man came to the reception of the hotel and asked if he could have a room. The lady gave him a key and told him that there was only a room without a number in a building that they used as a warehouse. She also said that he was not allowed to go the room where they stored their stuff.

He followed the lady's instructions and went to his room. At night, he had the curiosity to go to look through the keyhole. He saw a women with really pale skin. He was still looking at her when she turned abruptly. He jumped back and went to his room.

The next day, he looked again through the keyhole but he only saw a red stable. He felt shame that the people there were annoyed. He went to the reception and asked if someone had complained but no one had. The lady asked the man if he looked through the keyhole, and he answered yes. She told him that a man had murdered his wife there and the people who stayed there felt weird afterwards. They had described her. She had pale skin and red eyes………

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για keyhole  scary


ONE CURSE FOR TWO PERSONS Neon Aigina by Panagiota Karagianni D1




A hundred years ago, there was a woman called Anna with a terrible curse. She was young and pregnant, and a demon had cursed her because she had left her first baby to die in the cold. So, when she gave birth to another baby, called Rosa, she left it in front of a big house, and then she killed herself with a knife, next to the baby. Her last sendence was 'Rosa, I love you but I have to go forever'. Before the knife touched Anna's chest, a tear fell into Rosa's palm. A half hour later, it was 12:00 o'clock and there was a full moon. Violeta, the little girl who lived in the big house, went out to see the snow falling because it was winter. She saw Anna's corpse on the ground and she screamed very loudly and her mother woke up to check what had happened. She immediately took the baby inside and then she left it to sleep in her warm blanket.      

In the morning, the baby wasn't there. Violeta and her mother looked all around the house and in the garden. Suddenly, Violeta heard a baby crying near the cemetery. Her mother found the baby over Anna's grave, sleeping calmly. She went crazy! How did the baby get there? That night, she had a strange dream and she woke up to drink some hot milk to calm herself down. The lights went off and the window opened, and as she was running to close it, she saw a shadow coming in, and she heard a deep voice saying, "MAKE A SACRIFICE, IF YOU WANT TO SAVE YOUR PRECIOUS VIOLETA. KILL ROSA THE BABY OVER HER MOTHER'S GRAVE IN THE MOONLIGHT." Violeta's mother said "NO I WON'T !" and the demon said, "Then, Violeta is dead ….". The mother finally said, "OK, I'll do it but don't hurt my daughter". The demon had gone but Violeta's mother didn't sleep until the moonlight came.

The sacrifice day came and she called a babysitter to stay with Violeta that night. Violeta's mother took the baby and went to the cemetery. She put the baby over Anna's grave and she was holding the knife but she couldn't kill Rosa. She left the baby there with a warm blanket and she went home. Violeta asked her where the baby was and her mother answered, "I left her in the orphanage". Then Violeta said, "I miss her". The babysitter went with Violeta to her bedroom and her mother went again to the cemetery to take the baby back but it was too late. The baby had died from the cold, like her sister. She buried the baby. She went home quickly to see Violeta, but when she opened the door, she heard a baby crying and she saw the baby that she had buried in Violeta's arms, and sleeping together. Immediately, she went back again to the cemetery and dug up the baby. She went home but the baby wasn't with Violeta.

Next morning, she went to a psychologist to talk about what happened the previous days. The psychologist told her to take some tranquilizers to sleep at night. A month later, Violeta got sick and died. Her mother had depression without her baby forever. After the funeral, she went to sleep but she had a nightmare about Violeta, with her daughter saying, "Why did you kill me?", with tears of blood running out of her eyes. The next morning, she went to the cemetery to light a candle and she saw Violeta with the baby, alive! She ran away but everywhere she went, the children were there. It was 5:00 in the morning when Violeta saw the sunrise and went back to the grave with the baby. But before she disappeared, she said, "At night, I'll be in your nightmares forever"……

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My Halloween Story 2018 by Antonela D1. Aegina

Once a upon a time I was in an empty with my friends Ntaiana, Nektaria, and Anastasia.When we all went to the last house together, a man who was a vampire .This man chased us and we were scared.When he stopped chasing us, we then went along to my grandmather and my grandfather’s house, but when we arrived there was no one. The day that this happened was Halloween and it was twelve o’ clock.We shouted for my grandmother and my grandfather, but we didn’t hear anything.After a while, we went to their room and saw them down on the floor, covered with blood.I just saw them down on the floor and I was scared and ran quickly to my parents to tell them the terrible news. I went in my parents home but they weren’t there, so I just sat down to wait until they returned.When they come back, I told them the news and there were very sad.After two days we had the funeral for my grandmother and my grandfather. One year later my sister died because she had a very serious illness but we had the funeral on her birthday.I felt so scared about for the two funerals.I think I will never forget this Halloween.THE END.