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Halloween story(not real)

It was 7th of November and I was watching Netflix with my family in my grandparents house,it was very cold outside , my granmda's cat was outside and she was freezing so we took it inside the house.The cat was black and it was like a hallowen cat (we had bought her a coustume,it was really cute to see her and funny)They pasts some hours and it was time for bed but i was scared to sleep alone so I took the cat. I was having a nice nap but then i wake up from some weird noises i thought it was the cat so i just didn't pay attession ,but then i heard again something very weird so i opened the lights and i saw nothing my grandma's cat was sleeping so i went back to sleep. It was 4 the night and i waked up again because i felt something weird touching me i couldn't even move i just saw something trying to kill me like a ghost then i thougt it was a sleeping paralysh . The morning 5 i waked up again  because i couldnt sleep i saw a few tik tok videos but the videos i saw theyre very weird cuz they sad *ur cat can kill u the night* WHEN i saw this video i just lost it i stand up from my bed and went to look for my cat..I couldn't find her anywhere then i saw her standing up looking something she was zooned in it she was looking the wall all the time for litterly no reasson . It was time to go home when i went home my grandma said that her cat died ..

The night the zombies arrived

The story begins when some weird stuff happened at the graveyard like thunderstorm began very too often there and people had recorded that they heard some creepy noise coming from the ground even one man's leg started to shank to the ground,some people say that zombies are coming and that exact thing happened.        

It was a lovely and quiet afternoon at A. Panastasiou when all of a sudden someone hit the window but miss Anthoula thought some one was knocking for a prank when everything went quiet and as the door mysteriously opened boom zombies everyone was shocked and as they were running in but in a hurry miss anthoula clicked on a Halloween song and the zombies started dancing up and down when they stopped they just left with no trace behind.


In my village, there was once a creepy man named Thanos. He had a really long neck, bright green eyes and his fingers were connected to his wrists. He would wake up at exactly 3:45 a.m. and stare to the villagers windows until they would go insane. Then, if people tried to have an interaction with him, he would magically disappear and nobody would hear from him for hours. In 2003, my bestfriend's grandpa shot him in the head woth a shotgun and killed him. Nobody talked about him for about 18 years until something strange happened. It was the 17 of June, 2021. I went to sleep like every other night. was problem was I thought I couldn't move at all and had a sharp pain in my stomach. Right after that, I saw two little bright green spheres out the window. Then a small voice said: "You thought I forgot about you?" Since then I never went to my village and I don't think I will again.


a creepy night

It was a late night on the 28th of October when something weird happened.More specifically I heard my doorbell ringing and I wanted to go outside but it was too windy so I had to wear a jacket so I wouldn't be ended up sick. While I was going to my bedroom where my closet is ,I was hearing a woman voice shouting like she was being hurted.When I arrived to my closet and wore my jacket I realised that it was full of blood.I grabbed a hoodie and started running because I was so scared and shocked.Within the 6 minutes I was late opening the door noone was outside.I felt so threatened and scared so I went to my neighbours home.They gave me hot chocolate and treats that they had for the children and then I started hearing the same sounds as before.I realised that because I hadn't left a basket with treats they decided to trick.It was so scary so I never did again the mistake not leaving treats outside my house.



Tricks and Treats - Don't Forget the Bubbles


Halloween Story

     It was a cold night of October when my friends and I decided to explore the haunted house of our hometown for the first time. We all agreed to meet outside the graveyard and then head all together to the house. When we arrived there, it was already eleven o'clock. We had promised our parents to be back by half past twelve, as we wouldn't spend so much time there. Or that was just what we thought would happen. When we entered the house, the door shut behind us due to the windy weather and we went straight into the basement. The light bulb of the room wasn't enough for us to see clearly, so we opened our flashlights and started investigating. We were so bored, as we wouldn't find anything interesting and a lot of time had passed, so we stopped searching and just sat there and narrating scary stories. That was until our flashlights somehow turned off. We didn't know what was happening, so we tried finding all together the door to get out, but when we reached it, it was locked. We started panicking, as we didn't know what to do, since our phones also didn't have service, so we started screaming for help. Luckily, some teenagers that also wanted to explore the house heard us and got us out. It turns out the door was just stuck. After thanking the girls that got us out, we sprinted back to our homes and promised not to do go nearby that house ever again.

Halloween Story

Once upon a time,there was a village located in the second largest Greek island called Euboia there are rumors said that everytime they constructed the 13th building it would break down almost instantly no one knew why,many thought it was a curse but others thought it was a coincidence.

Many people have tried constructing a new building there but no one succeeded,many residents think it's just normal due to the lack of cultural buildings the only thing that there exists are 11 abandoned households and one church which only is activated at the 15th of August.

This is still a mystery of why does the 13th building constructed always brake down and people are also concerned of the 11 abandoned houses with attract the interest of people which try to catch anything weird.

This is my Halloween story 

A Spooky Story By Nick D2


The strong scratching sound was coming from the bedroom window. My friend nad I were walking outside the oldest house in the town and we heard a strange scratching sound so we ran eawy from this house.

Next morning while I was walking outside the house to go to school, I heard it again so I told my friend and we decited to go and see what this sound was. The next day, I called my friend and sai I was waiting fro him outside the house.

When my friend came, we took thw first step and thw strange scratching sound stopped but we still walked up to the house. There was a candle burning at thw window of the house. I saw but I didn't want to say it because I was scared my friend wouldn't want to go inside. When we went inside, we ran to the bedroom to see what this scratching sound was.When we reached the bedroom and opened the door, two little mice came out of the bedroom, so we understood what this scratching sound was.

While we are leaving the house, a strange voice was coming out of the bedroom. It was thw sound of a little child that had died in an explosion that had blown off her legs while a mafia gangster had killed his dad, who had been the mayor of the town in the past.

The old House by Nektaria Liotsou D2 Neon, Aegina

It was ten years old- the 16th of October, 2013. The strange scratching sound was coming from the attic and Isabelle wondered what it was. Isabelle was 19 years old, and she was living in London because she was studying at University College. She was for away from her loved ones.

When one evening Isabelle was watching TV, she heard the scratching sound coming from the attic and want up to the attic to see what was causing it. It was so dark and cold. She saw a shadow in the dark, she said "Is anybody here, but no one answered". Suddenly, a female figure appeared and killed her. One day later, her boyfriend found Isabelle dead. 

The myth said that in this house many years ago, a dead woman was found with the same age, on the same day, same same date and at the same time. Since then, the house has been empty and everyone is afraid to go near it. We have never learned the truth.

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The House That Sounds of a Violin by Georgia Dimopoulou Neon, Aegina


The sound of a violin was coming from the empty house at the end of the street……

It was the middle of the night. I woke up in my bed. The neighbourhood was quiet. The violin sounded all the time.

I called my friends Nektaria, George and John. We met in front the empty house with our nerf guns. We were scared. The wind was blowing and trees were creaking. We went slowly up to the house. Nektaria pressed the bell and we ran behind the trees but nothing happened. John pressed the bell again and the door opened. I shot a nerf dart inside the house and it went out. The violin stopped playing but the door closed and then it started again.

We went home and we put a telescope in the window and we watched all the time. George called the police. When three police officers came, they went to the empty house. They pressed the bell. The door opened and the house ate them. It was very scary.

I stayed over at Nektaria's. We didn't sleep.The next day, we went to the empty house. The violin wasn't playing. The car was not there.

I moved and now the empty house is a museum. Tomorrow, Nektaria, John, George and I will go to see it. We are scared because this museum eats people……

Haunted House - Etsy


The old house at the end of the street had been empty for years. A group of six teenagers, all decided to go to the house to explore it. They took with them torches, food and water. It was midnight, 2:00 A.M and their meeting point was in the park near the house.

After they all met up in the park, it was 2:30 A.M and before getting into the house, they checked if they all had battery on their phones. After they all saw that they had over 80%, they went into the house.

The first person who entered was John, because he was the only one who was fearless and all the others followed him.

The house was very big and creepy .

It had two roofs and an attic. The teenagers suddenly heard a girl who was singing and they were shocked. They turned on their torches and they continued to go inside the house.

Nancy's phone was ringing and she opened to see who was calling her but when she answered it, the phone switched off, the battery was dead, even though a while ago, it was fully chasged.

Everyone was surprised, so they opened their phones to see how much battery they had and no one had any except Bretta.

Before they knew what had happened, a man dressed totally in black, stabbed Bretta in her back.

Everyone shouted and quickly ran out of the house. They called the ambulance to take Bretta to the hospital.


When Bretta finally got well, they learned that this man was murderer and had killed over 100 children in the same way.  After that no one went to this house again.

Nancy Marini D2