Stories and Activities from clubEFL Students

White Dog

Once there was a boy who had a friendly white dog named Ghost. Joey and Ghost were best friends. They loved playing together and looking for adventure.All Joey's neighbors  liked Ghost, too. One day, Farmer Green saw the two friends walk by his farm and he said that they are very lucky to have each other.That day, Joey and Ghost were hunting squirrels. They never caught any. But the important thing was the fun part. Ghost would sniff them out. Then the two friends would run after the squirrel until it hid in a tree. Suddenly, Ghost caught a squirrel. Then Joey saw the squirrel. Ghost ran around a rock. When Joey got to the other side of the rock, he stopped. Ghost barked at Joey. "What's wrong, boy?" he asked.

Ghost kept barking until Joey backed up behind the rock. Then Ghost moved. Now Joey could see why his friend was barking. A large black snake was next to the rock! Ghost had protected Joey.

"What a good boy!" Joey said. "Let's go home."That night, Joey said good night to Ghost. Then he left a treat for him on the doorstep. "See you in the morning," he said.

The next morning, Joey jumped out of bed and ran downstairs. Outside, he looked for Ghost. "Gho-o-o-st! Come here, boy," he called. But Ghost did not come. Joey wondered where his best friend could be. He ran to find his father.

"Have you seen Ghost?" he asked. Joey's dad climbed down from the tractor.

"Son, I found Ghost this morning," his father started. "He wasn't moving, so I took him to Dr. Parker's house. I'm afraid there was nothing he could do. Ghost was very old."

Joey was heartbroken. He was very sad because he missed his best friend.After Ghost was gone, Joey spent most of his time alone in the woods. He walked along the creeks where he had once played with Ghost.

One day, Joey ventured farther than he had ever gone before. He was walking along the edge of a ravine. Suddenly, he lost his footing. The rock gave way and Joey landed on a ledge below. Joey's leg was twisted and scraped. He could not climb out of the ravine.

Joey yelled for help. But no one was close enough to hear him.

A few miles down the road, Farmer Green was working in his field. It was a very hot day. Just then, he noticed a white dog running towards him. It looked like Joey's dog.

The dog barked over and over again at Farmer Green. "Hey Ghost, how're you doing?" he said. 

The dog continued to bark at him. Farmer Green tried to drive his tractor through the rows of beans. But the dog ran right in front of the tractor's wheels.

Farmer Green blew the tractor's horn. But the dog would not budge. Finally, Farmer Green turned off the engine and climbed down from his tractor.

"Where's your friend?" he asked. "Now go find him."

The dog was very persistent. He continued to bark at Farmer Green. Then he ran up to Farmer Green. He grabbed the man's trousers in his mouth and tried to pull him along.

"Whoa! Okay!" said Farmer Green. "I'm coming. Let's go."

Farmer Green followed the dog through the woods. They wandered for miles through  tall trees. Every few feet the dog would look back at Farmer Green. He wanted to be sure the man was following him.They came closer to the ravine. The dog disappeared in the brush.

"Now where did you go?" called the farmer. Then he heard the boy's cries.

Joey was trying to yell for help. He had almost given up. Then he heard a man yelling back to him.

"Hello-o-o!" yelled Farmer Green. "Are you hurt?"

Joey looked up from the ledge. He could see Farmer Green standing at the edge of the ravine. The man was going at Joey. He could barely see the boy through the trees.

"I'm okay, but my leg is hurt," Joey yelled back. "I can't make it up there all by myself."

"Hang on," said the farmer. "I'll help you up."Thank you," said Joey. He tried to catch his breath.

Farmer Green helped Joey sit up on the rocks. "Let's have a look at that leg," he said. Joey's leg was still bleeding.

"It hurts," Joey said, "but I think I can walk."

"Let's find a branch you can use as a crutch," Farmer Green said.

Farmer Green pulled the bark off one end of the branch. Then he helped Joey to his feet.

"You can use this branch as a crutch," he said. "Now let's get you home."

 "Thank you, Farmer Green," he said."That's some dog you got there!" he said.

"What do you mean?" asked Joey.

"I mean, you'd still be sitting in that ravine if that white dog didn't show me where you were," said Farmer Green. "He came to my field and barked and barked. Then he led me out into the woods to find you."

Joey could not believe what Farmer Green was saying. "That couldn't have been my dog, sir," whispered the boy. "My dog died almost a month ago."

Farmer Green found a strong vine and he pulled him up.

the little girl

Once upon a time, there was a happy family that decided to move to a new huge wierdly inexpensive house. The only thing that was a problem was that they had to take care of another 11 year old child too that lives there. They did't really had a problem because they were thinking to adopt a child for a long time. At the start, everything was okay. The little girl named Kathrin, was quiet and did't speak to the children of the family , but this didn;t made them anxious because they thought that she was shy and by the time she woulb became a true member of the family. After a few months, the things started getting a little strange. Kathrin still didn't speak to the children and didn't answer the parents questions about the issue. She also spended a long time alone in the attic. One day the two parents decided to go and see what's so interesting in the attic. They saw Kathrin with her eyes turned black, saying some things that they couldn't understand cause it was like she was speaking another language. They got really frightened by this fact and they decided to ask a psyciatrist so they know what Kathrin had and what they need to do. After a lot of searching, they didn't found anyone that could give them a solution, so they decided to ask an "demon exorcist" as she was called that they learned she had some psycologist knows too. When they went to her and told her what happened she fricked out and said that they should go away from the house as soon as possible. But when they returned home, they fricked out seeing Kathrin on the floor dead with a knife in her neck. They took their children and run away immidiately. After a few days they went to the old women again and asked her about what happened with Kathrin. SDhe told them that this house was huntewd by this little girl for a long time and the previous owners of this house were a family like them. When they realised that something strange was happening and they tried toi run away, the shaddow of the girl went into one of the children's body. They never heard  for them again. The family went away and never spoke for that girl or the house again.

The darkness beneath the city!


It was an ordinary morning, I was going to school. As I was walking I sensed something following me. I also noticed that it was walking exactly the same as me. I turned my head around but I didn't see nothing, so I kept walking. The same thing happened the next day and the next day and the next day… One day I decided to turn my head in a way that it couldn't notice. I was frightened to show a dark figure like an oldman. He had pitch black and his skin was white. Apparently he noticed me and then he turned right to a side streetnever saw him again.One night when I was going home after my piano lessons, I noticed something very strange. There was a huge hole in the center of the road. That hole wasn't there in the morning so it must have happened after my during my lessons. I decided to go check it. I also noticed that no one was on the street which was something very weird as well. I slowly walked to the hole to check what was going on when I froze. I turned around my head only to see the creepy oldman staring at me. I asked him who is he? Did I knew him? I was very confused and frightened at the same time. Without saying a single word, he pointed his finger at the hole. I decided to look in the hole. And then I saw it… There was a huge city inside it. It was very old and very dark. The oldman said that this city used to be his home, until we destroyed it. I didn't know what to say and I was very confused. I took a closer look in the hole as I couldn't see the city very clearly. The next thing I saw, was me falling in the hole and the oldman staring at me with the scariest smile I ever saw before…"why are you still sleeping Zac"? It was my mom. It took me some minutes to realize that this was a dream. From then on, everytime I go to school, I always feel like someone is following me. And when that happens I always here the oldman's last words:

"You will pay for what you've done…"

Happy Halloween!!!


A SCARY STORY written by Kiki

It was a Halloween night. All the children dressed with their costumes (witches, ghosts, vampires,pirates etc.) and went for "Trick or Treat" with a smile on their faces. At first, a group of children, Mary, Nick, Steve and Kate went to some houses for the ''Trick or Treat" and got many candy!!!But the time was running fast and all of the kids were a little bit of scared.They went far away to some houses that the didn't know.But as well, they were having a lot of fun and they didn't have a reason for being scared.Later, they heard a weird noise and some kids were shouting.Then, they saw a child saying "DONT GO OUT THERE! THIS HOUSE IS HAUNTED AND THE GHOSTS WILL CATCH YOU!" But Mary said "But ghosts aren't exist and we are not afraid of them, right? So, let's go in there" All the kids agreed. When they found this house, they rang the bell. Then the door opened and all the ghosts got out and catch the kids.Then they all woke up and understood that it was just a dream…!But you dont know…It CAN happen in real life….!!!!!!winkyes






  Last two weeks me and my friends organized a halloween party in a big,old school.It was a night and the atmosphere was very scary,that was what we wanted.The party started and all were perfect!!!

  Suddenly,the lights turned off and all of us started to panic.We were all together and we looked forward for exit.The most scared was that we listened little children's screams and i felt something pull me behind.We all were very scared and started to run.

  We found the exit and we promised that nobody of us goes to this place again!

The haloween!!

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για Halloween



Happy halloween

A Very Scary Halloween Night

   It was a very  cold night with big black clouds and it was raining too.A man walked down the street and he heard some noices behind him,he was horrified.He looked around but nothing,just a small kitten

  He heard the noices again and he started running.When he looke back he saw again that kitten watching him into his eyes.Then it started getting bigger and bigger until it was at th size of a bus.The "kitten" monster had teeths like th mans head, red eyes and a big big horn in the middle of its head.

  The man started running horrified yelling for help but no one was there to help him.He went into an old scary house,the monster was waiting for him outside but it couldn't come in the house because a source of magic power was defending the house,He went to the basement and for his good luck he found a sword called THE EXECUTIONER 

 Happy and scared he went outside to face the powerfull monster and he cut it's head clean of it's body with only one strike.He took the sword to his home and kept it,so he could be safe every halloween night.



The boy with brass buttons

  A young couple moved into a new house in the winter of 1889, bringing their six years old daughter with them. They had to do a lot of housework in order to live in their new house, so the little girl went to the attic to play while her parents were cleaning the house. It wasn't as bad as it sounds, because the previous owners had converted the attic into a playroom. After a couple of weeks of hard work, the downstairs rooms were finished. The mother, realized that she had been neglecting their daughter. So she attempted to try and spend more time with her now. But the little girl was distracted. She was playing in the attic alone. Her mother asked her "What's so interesting up there in that room?" "It's the little boy with the shiny buttons, I love playing with him!" the child replied. "What little boy?" the mother wondered. She went to investigate the room, but she found out that the room was empty. Her parents keep asking her who is that boy and she was repeating that there was a little boy and he wore a blue jacket with lots of shiny buttons on it. As her father listened, he became more and more curious. Her father was a seaman so he realized that her child is describing a child's sailor suit, with the brass buttons. The girl's father made some thoughts about the Cowderlys, the family that used to live in the house before them. He learned that they had come from England, bringing their children with them, two boys and a girl. The youngest boy, was born retarded. The neighbors described the youngest boy as a sweet child, but they also told him that Mr. Cowderly was ashamed of him and was trying to prevent him because he didn’t want people to see the boy. The neighborhoods, said that the young boy sneak out to go down to the river until one day he fell and drowned. His body was never found, but his cap had been found floating in the river. After the disappearance, the Cowderlys sold their house. He told his little daughter to show him where she found that boy. He took her to the attic and asked her to show him where the little boy came from. She said from the fireplace. Her father called in workers to remove it. When the fireplace was removed the body of the little boy was revealed. He was wearing a little blue sailor jacket with brass buttons. They examined his body and the found out that the back of the child's head had been crushed.
The little boy was murdered!

a real story

So I had just finished school it was about 3 or 4, and while

i was walking I passed a abandoded house, I have heard

a lot about this house but i never believe those

things.Anyway  I was alone and I was looking at its

window carefully and I saw a little girl looking at me i

thought it was an illusion so I turned my head into the

other side I looked again and I saw her again I went home

frightend.As soon as I went to sleep I woke up around 3

o'clock and I couldn't move I saw that girl standing over 

me and having her arms in my neck.I was like that for at

least 5 minutes.As she ''walkded'' away I slept again and

when I woke up I went to the internet to get information

and it was claiming that many people have seen this girl

and there is a possibility to die if you get to scared.Thank

god I never saw her again.