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Halloween videos.

Haloween Day!!!

On the evening of Haloween's day I was gone from home and when I turned I found the door open and the lights all closed.I went to the kitchen and found a knife full of blood on the table.I was fed so much!!!



Halloween Constructions and Drawings Competition 2017

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Halloween Snacks and Sweets Competition 2017

Atlas Κέντρο Ξένων Γλωσσών

Remember you may vote for as many

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An unexpected death…


All the usuall stories start with the phrase " Once upon a time.." the one that I know starts like that….. 

Unce upon a death…. a crew of young children were celebrating Halloween.

They were all to Amy's house, playing board – games and laughing.

Markus tried to tell a scary story and show the other children how brave he was…

The story was about a young girl who lost her life by mistake.

The girl's spirit is hunting every acking soul so she won't be alone…..

When the story ended, all the children laughed really loud….

Suddenly, the lights went off and a shadow appeared…

A scream sounded and after that silence….

The other day, the police found out children's death bodies….

Nobody can give a solution to this weird fact since today…surprise

Can you guess what happened…

Who will be the next victim???  


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The doll

Once upon a time, there was a litte girl named Mary. She loved playing with dolls and one day she saw a beautiful doll with blond hair and blue eyes. After a few days her mother bought her the doll. But unfortunately, the other doll that she had which had black hair and green eyes got angry because Mary didn't play with her and. The next day little Mary woke up and when she looked herself at the mirror she understood that her half body was like old doll's one and the other half was like the new doll's body. So, don't stop playing with your old dolls!!!

A scary Halloween night

   Once upon a time it was a rainy and cold Halloween night. The children was wearing their costumes and running from house to house while they were screaming trick or treat. As they have been in every house of the city only one has left. It was a haunted house at the end of the street. The rumors said that every child who went inside the house never came back. So the children decided to get inside and see if the myth was real. When they crossed the door they saw a black cat and old furniture full of dust. After a while a scary and creepy noise heard from the stairs. The children start running. One of them looked behind. He thought it was a ghost. But when they crossed the door the ghost didn't followed them.  Well they thought that it was a real ghost, but it was just a sheet. So scared and panicked the children started telling the story to their parents. They started to laugh as they new it was just a abandoned house.


Halloween story

Every year my uncle James was telling me a story about Halloween. Last year me told about a spooky place in Athens graveyard. There was a ghost in the graveyard and when somebody enter it he was in a very bad situation. The ghost enter the man's brain and he did what the ghost wanted. One day a liltle boy went to the graveyard because he saw a ball. The gost entered the boy's brain and the story beggan. The boy was told by the ghost to kill everyone in the village who doesn't believe in ghost. The boy stole a gun from his fatehr and started killing almost everyone in the village except his relatives. The ghost commanded the boy to kill his family at midnight if they didn't believe in ghosts. It was 10 o clock and he only had 2 hours to make his family beliee in ghosts. The boy made a very smart plan. He made his house spooky and he made voices to freak his relatives. It was 11:30 o clock. Boy's parents heard screams from upstairs and they thought it was a thief. The father went upstairs but he didn't find someone.The screams continiued and then he thought that it may be a ghost. The boy has succeed and he saved his family. Then the ghost returned to his graveyard to find his next victim…..

Spooky scary night

                                          Spooky scary night

 It was a cold and cloudy night , a really spooky night , a really

really spooky night , a really really really spooky night but

enough of that let's move on with the story. That night , when

children were preparing for "Trick or Treat" , one little kid

Johny wasn't , when his friends asked him to come with them

on trick or treating he decided to stay home and play video

games . Poor Johny , he didn't know what was about to happen . While he was playing , he decided to go eat a snack ,

he went down-stairs , he opened the fridge and what he saw

was  … (it can't be described with words , it was that terrible

and terrific , poor Johny ) . The fridge was empty , his worst

nightmare came true , which means , NO CANDY FOR JOHN!!!!! 

                                 Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για spooky night


                                          THE END!!!!

The Girl

In a house in Virginia….All villagers are frightened….A family with a ''daughter'' (actually a doll), takes care of the toy as if it is a real person.No one knows the truth.One time a boy called Jackson tried to break in that house but failed,since he went missing for 2 months now.Rumours say that a girl of the village was hired to babysit that doll.She quited because she was so frightened and one day she told the villagers what rerally happened….5 days later the whole village burnt……………What happened to the family?

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One day on Halloween , I went with my friends for a ride.suddenly, we heard something coming to us. We started running.we were just running to get a way beacause we were afraid of being. After, we stopped because we did not see anything coming at us. Suddenly,we saw a clown and it scared us so we were running and it was killing us the it was chasing us and whan it cathes us hear a man and it’s creepy a voice.