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Our story begins in 1912, when The Abersdon family moved to a tiny village next to Belfast. The village just had 536 people, so everyone knew each other. The family had 4 members – Olivia was the mum, Patrick was the dad,Amanda was the daughter and Sam was the Abersdon's little son.

The house that they bought was next to a Haunted House and when they arrivedall the villagers started tell them the backstory of this haunted house."A long time ago ,a famous witch of  the 18th century lived there. When she moved here ,the village had 2000 people, but when she left ,there was only 600 people. All people that entered this house never came back, so be careful".

The family paid a lot of attention at this.

Two months after they moved in the village, Amanda decided something very dangerous. She decided to enter the Haunted House….She prepared and when it was 10 o'clockshe entered the house. Half a hour later, her parents called her again and again, but no one answered. They searched for her in the whole house but Amanda wasn't there.

The next day, the police started searching for her. Two policemen decided to go to the Haunted House. When they entered, they heard some noise from the second floor. There was a bed with a girl covered in blood. Amanda was dead. Then a voice said again and again"They killed me, they killed me!"  No one saw the policemen again. But this was only the start of this story…

Fear or Phobia of Haunted Houses