Stories and Activities from clubEFL Students

Halloween Story

     It was a cold night of October when my friends and I decided to explore the haunted house of our hometown for the first time. We all agreed to meet outside the graveyard and then head all together to the house. When we arrived there, it was already eleven o'clock. We had promised our parents to be back by half past twelve, as we wouldn't spend so much time there. Or that was just what we thought would happen. When we entered the house, the door shut behind us due to the windy weather and we went straight into the basement. The light bulb of the room wasn't enough for us to see clearly, so we opened our flashlights and started investigating. We were so bored, as we wouldn't find anything interesting and a lot of time had passed, so we stopped searching and just sat there and narrating scary stories. That was until our flashlights somehow turned off. We didn't know what was happening, so we tried finding all together the door to get out, but when we reached it, it was locked. We started panicking, as we didn't know what to do, since our phones also didn't have service, so we started screaming for help. Luckily, some teenagers that also wanted to explore the house heard us and got us out. It turns out the door was just stuck. After thanking the girls that got us out, we sprinted back to our homes and promised not to do go nearby that house ever again.