Stories and Activities from clubEFL Students

The End of the Street by Natalia Gianni D2 Neon, Aegina

The old house at the end of street had been empty for years. On Halloween,I wanted to do something crazy with my best friend, Angelina. But although my friend was very scared, we has decided to go to the old house at the end of the street anyway. There a woman living these who likes knives, but one day, a mound sound was heard and we never saw her again. After we entered the house, there was a living room with a large library and we sat to see what books there were.we were there for about one hour. It had nice books. After a white, all the doors started moving and we were scared,but we stayed to see the other trims with the torch. We arrived to her room and on the bed,there were a lot knives with real blood.It was scary. We looked in her closet and all the clothes were covered in blood.Then we went to the kitchen and we saw the woman with the knife. We started to run but we saw the woman kill herself.We called the police but the police never found her body.She died by mistake.