Stories and Activities from clubEFL Students

The old house by Natasa Stakia D2 NEON Aegina

The old house at the end of the street had been empty for years. One day in that neighbourhood where the house was a guy called Kevin was walking. Kevin was homeless and he saw the house. He knocked on the door but nobody answered Kevin decided to go inside the house. The door was locked and Kevin decided to break a window. He slept until the bell rang. He opened the door and saw a child waiting. It was the night of Halloween. The child was waiting to trick or treat. Kevin didn’t have anything to give to the kid. The kid who was very friendly and good hearted, gave Kevin some sweets from the other homes. The kid left and Kevin closed the door but then, the bell rang again and there were four kids. Kevin opened the door. The kids were unusual because Kevin saw they had sharp teeth. He went to the kitchen to bring some candies to give them. While they were leaving the house, Kevin saw from the door what all the children were unusual. While they were walking to the next house, the pumpkins which were fake , were moving. Kevin wanted to warn the neighbour so He went to the back of the house to warn neighbour who said < Thank you I will not open the door > When Kevin was going to the old house he saw some things that were very weird. He saw some colourful pumpkins dancing and smiling and some spiders flying. Kevin decided to leave the house. Kevin immediately left the house and became homeless again. While Kevin was walking, he saw unusual children who were actually vampires. The kids were chasing Kevin to drink his blood and Kevin ran into a forest where the kids lost him.