Stories and Activities from clubEFL Students

‘ Jake and the ghost teacher ‘ Magdalini Tzitzi D1 NEON Aegina

All schools had opened a  month ago but it felt like it had been a week.Jake was only going to school to meet his friends , Jay and Kai.He didn't care about anything else.The school was near his house and little did he know , there was a cemetery right next to it.

  One day , Jake heard his parents talking about this cemetery and right after that , he started learning more about it.He told his friends and they all decidedto go there on Halloween.When Halloween finally came , the three friends started walking towards the cemetery.When they passed by their school, Kai remembered that he had left his notebook in the classroom , so the three boys went there to take it.

  They made it to the classroom without getting caught but as soon as they went inside their classroom , they heard a loud noise.It turned out it was just the door that closed and locked them in the class.The boys were terrified and Jay started blaming Jake and Kai for taking him there but after a while they stopped fighting because they heard a creepy voice coming from the teacher's desk.It was a ghost !The boys started screaming and walking backwards until their backs touched the wall.The ghost just smiled , unlocked the door and said : ' That's kind of offensive , you know , not all ghosts kill people' .The boys ran home quickly but still visited the cemetery to talk to their new friend.