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White Dog

Once there was a boy who had a friendly white dog named Ghost. Joey and Ghost were best friends. They loved playing together and looking for adventure.All Joey's neighbors  liked Ghost, too. One day, Farmer Green saw the two friends walk by his farm and he said that they are very lucky to have each [...]

the little girl

Once upon a time, there was a happy family that decided to move to a new huge wierdly inexpensive house. The only thing that was a problem was that they had to take care of another 11 year old child too that lives there. They did't really had a problem because they were thinking to [...]

The darkness beneath the city!

  It was an ordinary morning, I was going to school. As I was walking I sensed something following me. I also noticed that it was walking exactly the same as me. I turned my head around but I didn't see nothing, so I kept walking. The same thing happened the next day and the [...]

A SCARY STORY written by Kiki

It was a Halloween night. All the children dressed with their costumes (witches, ghosts, vampires,pirates etc.) and went for "Trick or Treat" with a smile on their faces. At first, a group of children, Mary, Nick, Steve and Kate went to some houses for the ''Trick or Treat" and got many candy!!!But the time was [...]


  Last two weeks me and my friends organized a halloween party in a big,old school.It was a night and the atmosphere was very scary,that was what we wanted.The party started and all were perfect!!!   Suddenly,the lights turned off and all of us started to panic.We were all together and we looked forward for [...]

The haloween!!


Boooooooooo Happy halloween

A Very Scary Halloween Night

   It was a very  cold night with big black clouds and it was raining too.A man walked down the street and he heard some noices behind him,he was horrified.He looked around but nothing,just a small kitten   He heard the noices again and he started running.When he looke back he saw again that kitten [...]

The boy with brass buttons

  A young couple moved into a new house in the winter of 1889, bringing their six years old daughter with them. They had to do a lot of housework in order to live in their new house, so the little girl went to the attic to play while her parents were cleaning the house. It wasn't as [...]

a real story

So I had just finished school it was about 3 or 4, and while i was walking I passed a abandoded house, I have heard a lot about this house but i never believe those things.Anyway  I was alone and I was looking at its window carefully and I saw a little girl looking at [...]