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Trick or Treat by Paty Neon Aegina

 One Haloween' s night a witch widow decided to go to play trick or treat on 3 people. She went to the first person and she rang the bell. Then the witch disappeared too and after 3 seconds, everybody who lived in that house disappeared too. The same happened suddenly in the next two houses. [...]

The Abduction BY GEORGE TZITZIS, Neon, Aegina

A few years ago,two boys,one 8 years old and one 12 years old,go for trick or treat.The young boy was diabetic and he needed medicines to be alive.When they started,their first house is next to their house.<<Trick or treat>> they said…and the houses man gaves them some sweets.When they went to the last house in [...]

Halloween by Natalia Mema

Halloween…………..                It was Saturday 24th of October . In  one week,  it  would be       Halloween and every one was getting ready for the parties and the trick or treat.  Every  house  had   decorated  their gardens  with ghosts,  spiders,  witches and zombies . It  was only [...]

George Bardakis D2 Neon Aegina

It was a little village in Venezuela where there was a small lake. A a family went for their holidays to the village. When they went to a fishing store, the father asked a man where the lake was. But the man said never to go to lake because it seemed that a monster lived [...]

Tasos Iliadis D2 Aegina

Once upon a time, there were two children brothers to be exact. They both loved their grandad who recently died. They wanted to talk to him for one last time. So they ordered the ouja board from the dark web. Ouja board is a game where you communicate with spirits and demons either they are [...]

Helen’s Halloween by Panagiota D2 Neon, Aegina

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Helen. One night, she finished her job earlier and she decided to go for a walk. As she walked, a strange man approached and drove her to an abandoned house. The door opened and the man pushed the girl through and locked the door.The girl was [...]


Five years ago,I had a neighbour who was old, about 80 years old, I think and was very strange.He hated all celebratin Like Easter and Christmas. But the worst for him was Halloween.   Some people were saying he was strange because his wife was dead. She had died on Halloween celebration from cancer….He loved her very much and after [...]

The keyhole by Mike D1 Neon Aegina

     A man came to the reception of the hotel and asked if he could have a room. The lady gave him a key and told him that there was only a room without a number in a building that they used as a warehouse. She also said that he was not allowed to [...]

ONE CURSE FOR TWO PERSONS Neon Aigina by Panagiota Karagianni D1

ONE CURSE FOR TWO PERSONS     A hundred years ago, there was a woman called Anna with a terrible curse. She was young and pregnant, and a demon had cursed her because she had left her first baby to die in the cold. So, when she gave birth to another baby, called Rosa, she [...]

My Halloween Story 2018 by Antonela D1. Aegina

Once a upon a time I was in an empty with my friends Ntaiana, Nektaria, and Anastasia.When we all went to the last house together, a man who was a vampire .This man chased us and we were scared.When he stopped chasing us, we then went along to my grandmather and my grandfather’s house, but [...]