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HALLOWEEN Halloween videos.

Haloween Day!!!

On the evening of Haloween's day I was gone from home and when I turned I found the door open and the lights all closed.I went to the kitchen and found a knife full of blood on the table.I was fed so much!!!


VOTE FOR THE BEST!! 1 Halloween Constructions and Drawings Competition 2017 Atlas Κέντρο Ξένων Γλωσσών Remember you may vote for as many items as you like but only once!   VOTE FOR THE BEST!! 2 Halloween Snacks and Sweets Competition 2017 Atlas Κέντρο Ξένων Γλωσσών Remember you may vote for as many items as you [...]

The doll

Once upon a time, there was a litte girl named Mary. She loved playing with dolls and one day she saw a beautiful doll with blond hair and blue eyes. After a few days her mother bought her the doll. But unfortunately, the other doll that she had which had black hair and green eyes [...]

A scary Halloween night

   Once upon a time it was a rainy and cold Halloween night. The children was wearing their costumes and running from house to house while they were screaming trick or treat. As they have been in every house of the city only one has left. It was a haunted house at the end of [...]

Halloween story

Every year my uncle James was telling me a story about Halloween. Last year me told about a spooky place in Athens graveyard. There was a ghost in the graveyard and when somebody enter it he was in a very bad situation. The ghost enter the man's brain and he did what the ghost wanted. [...]

The Girl

In a house in Virginia….All villagers are frightened….A family with a ''daughter'' (actually a doll), takes care of the toy as if it is a real person.No one knows the truth.One time a boy called Jackson tried to break in that house but failed,since he went missing for 2 months now.Rumours say that a girl [...]


One day on Halloween , I went with my friends for a ride.suddenly, we heard something coming to us. We started running.we were just running to get a way beacause we were afraid of being. After, we stopped because we did not see anything coming at us. Suddenly,we saw a clown and it scared us [...]


    I was at my home alone, it was afternoon 6:00 oclock. I was going to my cousin house. When I went to the metro that it is near from my house, I was at my station that I want to go. I get out and I go to the closely streets. When I [...]

Scary Story

Once upon a time it was a taxi driver and he took a woman with him in the car.She told him where her home is,rhe where there for hours and talking to eatch other.When they where at the house he left her there and when he was ready to leave he say that the girl [...]