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Narwhales or unicorns of the sea are midle sised tooth whales.This marine mammals are known for their characteristic unicorn horn that only the 15% of the males have!  In the past this tusk was so valuable that only kings had the wright to own one. In the 16th century a task worth 10.000 pounds was [...]

Halloween Competition 2019

VOTE FOR THE BEST!! 1 Halloween Constructions and Drawings Competition 2019 Atlas Κέντρο Ξένων Γλωσσών Remember you may vote for as many items as you like but only once!   VOTE FOR THE BEST!! 2 Halloween Snacks and Sweets Competition 2017 Atlas Κέντρο Ξένων Γλωσσών Remember you may vote for as many items as you [...]

Two sentence horror stories, Peter, CPE, NEON Aegina

As I was falling asleep, I heard faint footsteps from downstairs. That's when I realized I hadn't locked the door.   We burried her in the old cemetery, next to her sister's grave. That way no one can hear her scream.

Only in Stories, Peter, CPE, NEON Aegina

I am starting to regret coming on this camping trip. A few people from school organized it and I decided to join in. Although I did have a reason for coming, I haven't had the opportunity to do what I'd planned yet. Right now it's dark out, and everyone is sitting around the fire roasting [...]

Scary House by Orfeas D1 Neon, Aegina

One day, me and two friends went to a scary house . My mum sai'd not go to this house because as our age . She had been with her friends and one of them had been killed.   After two hours, we were bored and my mum went to the supermarket to buy something.We said [...]




The Jacobs boarding house by Penny Neon Aegina

  In 1980 on Aegina in Afaias street, there was a boarding house. It belonged to the Jacobs family. They were really strange. Their little son was about ten years old. He never went to school but he was smarter than Einstein! His sister was sixteen years old and she also naver went school. She [...]

“Mystery house” Stelios c1 NEON Aegina

It was night on the 31st of October. Four friends Mike, Stelios, Dimitris and Spyros.  Were going for a walk and then they saw a big house, there were no people living here. The boys want to go there to see the house and see if the house was scary. But in this house some [...]

Two-Sentence Spooky Stories by Jenny Chaldaiaki, CPE, Neon Aegina

- Stop shouting, you are frightening me! – He can't talk, he is mute…   Jim is sharing his room with Mark on the trip. However, the only Mark I know is me, before my reincarnation…