Stories and Activities from clubEFL Students

The legend of the witches

Once upon a time, long ago, far away from the cities and villages, where friendly and dangerous creatures would make their houses, was where Witches used to live. Back in the ancient times, humans used to say that witches were mean, and dangerous, but no one ever talk about the start of the story. Villains are never mean because they want to and same goes with witches. The real story goes like this, when a small human found a witches pond. It was beautiful. the water was clean and flowers were blooming all around the place. After he walked around the place for a while, he found a beautiful young looking girl. From that day on they would always meet up at the witches pond to hang and joke around, but after some years of meeting up with her, he realized that something wasn't right. He wasn't getting older. The more time you'd spend around the witches pond the younger you'll stay. He wanted to keep that forever. He adored the fact that he could make humans immortal in a way. So he tried to meet as many villagers to the witch as possible. And with that, he had the entire village to a place where they would stay with him forever. After a while more people would want to visit and stay young, so slowly the witches pond would get filled with people, and the more the people, the more the trash. And just like that, slowly and steady, the witches pond, witch was once beautiful, became dirty and polluted. humans would use the water for everyday things like wshing their clothes, drinking from it and everything. But little did they know that the witch wasn't stupid. She got incretibly uppset with all the humans ruining her pond, and what did she do about it? She reversed life. Instead of staying younger, you'd get older quicker. The humans didn't notice until one of them died. They all thougt that because they were already old, the pond couldn't keep them young anymore, but after some weeks, more people started getting sick and looksing their lives. The person who figured out this lake, was earning a lot of money for the people wanting to stay there, and he couldn't let others know about the loss of others, since it would make people want to stop coming to live with them. So he would throw thee dead people into the pond. during that time, no one had seen the witch. She was hiding in a little hut that her "friend" built for her in the middle of the pond. After a year. it was spread around the world that people who lived there, would die quicker and everyone who used to live in the witches hut left, after the guy who found it had died. They were so used into staying young, to the point tey foud dying because of age was a  curse! After a long while, around ten to twenty years, someone found this pond. It was dryed out and if you looked into the deep of this now weird-looking hole, you'd see skelrtons of people that were thrown in. As they got closer to the hut, they heard someone hum. It was like a peaceful song filling your ears. They slowly oppend the huts door and saw a woman sitting in a chair, humming a wonderful melody. "Hello?", the guy said… no answer… As the guy was about to leave he hered the girl standing. He turned aroundwatching as she put herweird-shapped hat over her beautiful curly hair. And as she turned aroud,  everything blacked out. It was nothing but black. The witch had killed and will kill every human that comes in her way. She wasn't young and prety anymore. She was old and ugly-looking. She promised to herself that she would never lat a human come near her, or any itch for that matter, knowing that humans can be selfish and turn good and pretty things, to something dry and ugly. And she wasn't just talking about herself. It was also about the pond she grew up on and watched getting destroyed by humans. She didn't kill others for fun, she would never do that. It was only to protect hat she loved…   The end