Stories and Activities from clubEFL Students


In my village, there was once a creepy man named Thanos. He had a really long neck, bright green eyes and his fingers were connected to his wrists. He would wake up at exactly 3:45 a.m. and stare to the villagers windows until they would go insane. Then, if people tried to have an interaction with him, he would magically disappear and nobody would hear from him for hours. In 2003, my bestfriend's grandpa shot him in the head woth a shotgun and killed him. Nobody talked about him for about 18 years until something strange happened. It was the 17 of June, 2021. I went to sleep like every other night. was problem was I thought I couldn't move at all and had a sharp pain in my stomach. Right after that, I saw two little bright green spheres out the window. Then a small voice said: "You thought I forgot about you?" Since then I never went to my village and I don't think I will again.