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The old house at the end of the street had been empty for years, until last week when an old couple moved in. They were friendly, talkative, but something was off about them. So, as an adventurous kid which Melanie was, she decided to find out more about them.

Her family and her became really close to the old couple. They had a lot of barbecues the first 2 weeks. Melanie's parents learned some tragic news. Their cottage in Indiana had burned down and they had to leave immediately. So, they decided, to let Melanie stay at the old couple's house for a week, till they returned. Bingo! That was Melanie's chance to look into them a little more.

The first 3 days were good, however, Melanie noticed that early in the mornings, they used to go down to the basement and lock themselves in there. One day, she woke up early to spy on them, and luckily for her, the basement door was unlocked. She went down the stairs slowly, and there they were! They were wearing black cloaks and were floating in the air! However, their skin… It was… green! They were aliens!

She left the house in fear and stayed at her best friend's house informing her parents about the situation. When her parents came back to confront them it was too late… They left without a trace, leaving the house behind with a note that said, 'see you next year'.The Creel House | Stranger things, Stranger things wallpaper, Stranger  things season