Stories and Activities from clubEFL Students

The House That Sounds of a Violin by Georgia Dimopoulou Neon, Aegina


The sound of a violin was coming from the empty house at the end of the street……

It was the middle of the night. I woke up in my bed. The neighbourhood was quiet. The violin sounded all the time.

I called my friends Nektaria, George and John. We met in front the empty house with our nerf guns. We were scared. The wind was blowing and trees were creaking. We went slowly up to the house. Nektaria pressed the bell and we ran behind the trees but nothing happened. John pressed the bell again and the door opened. I shot a nerf dart inside the house and it went out. The violin stopped playing but the door closed and then it started again.

We went home and we put a telescope in the window and we watched all the time. George called the police. When three police officers came, they went to the empty house. They pressed the bell. The door opened and the house ate them. It was very scary.

I stayed over at Nektaria's. We didn't sleep.The next day, we went to the empty house. The violin wasn't playing. The car was not there.

I moved and now the empty house is a museum. Tomorrow, Nektaria, John, George and I will go to see it. We are scared because this museum eats people……

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