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Halloween story(not real)

It was 7th of November and I was watching Netflix with my family in my grandparents house,it was very cold outside , my granmda's cat was outside and she was freezing so we took it inside the house.The cat was black and it was like a hallowen cat (we had bought her a coustume,it was really cute to see her and funny)They pasts some hours and it was time for bed but i was scared to sleep alone so I took the cat. I was having a nice nap but then i wake up from some weird noises i thought it was the cat so i just didn't pay attession ,but then i heard again something very weird so i opened the lights and i saw nothing my grandma's cat was sleeping so i went back to sleep. It was 4 the night and i waked up again because i felt something weird touching me i couldn't even move i just saw something trying to kill me like a ghost then i thougt it was a sleeping paralysh . The morning 5 i waked up again  because i couldnt sleep i saw a few tik tok videos but the videos i saw theyre very weird cuz they sad *ur cat can kill u the night* WHEN i saw this video i just lost it i stand up from my bed and went to look for my cat..I couldn't find her anywhere then i saw her standing up looking something she was zooned in it she was looking the wall all the time for litterly no reasson . It was time to go home when i went home my grandma said that her cat died ..