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halloween story by vasiliki chrysochoou

I'm watching you!

My name is Nora and I'm going to tell you a bit about my life. I'm married to James and have two daughters; Jessica and Brooke.

A few years ago, we decided to move to the suburbs and start a new life. The house was wanted by many potential buyers, but we were lucky to get it, as the seller was an old friend.

It seemed that we were adapting pretty quickly. This was until the third day of setting in, when we received our first letter talking about someone watching us and wanting young blood. The police told us to hire a private detective, and that's what we did.

Her name was Naomi. She advised us to install cameras and a security system, and we did so, However, we were still receiving those letters.

Naomi met up with the previous owner. He told het that he had been receiving those same letters when he was living there. A few days after that, a person called John Graff came to our house and pretended to be a supervisor. He mentioned seeing Jessica hanging out with a boy who was years older than her. He also told me that his daughter used to do the same thing, and that I should fix it by going to church. A day later, I met with Naomi. She seemed to have found a case of a man called John, living in the same house as us a few years earlier. He killed all of the members of the family and cut his face out of every picture, so he wouldn't be recognisable. I told Naomi about the interaction I'd had, and she said that was impossible as he had disappeared more than ten years ago.

I was going crazy as I couldn't find out who was responsible for this and we were still receiving those letters! Meanwhile, Naomi was fighting cancer, however and the last few days had been worse for her, so, she had to go to the hospital. My husband and I went to see her. She explained to us that she had been the watcher all this time and she'd pretended to be a detective since she needed the money. 

A few days later, she died. We attended her funeral and talked with her daughter. We told her about what she had done to us. She told us that before Naomi died, she'd told her the truth. This was that she hadn't been the watcher but just wanted to give us the pleasure of knowing who had been responsible for it, as we would never be able to find the actual watcher and it would have driven us crazy. The watcher case still remains unsolved.