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The creepy night by Nektarina D1 NEON Aigina

A Halloween Story by Nektarina D1

It was the, Halloween night. I was with my new friends Albina, Sophia, Nektaria and Velson and we were collecting candies from all our neighbours ….. But I was new in this neighbourhood, so I didn't know the houses very well. Suddenly, I saw an abandoned house at the and of the street.
It was a very big house with a big garden. After that, I asked my friends what was that house and their reaction was very serious because they didn't know anything about this house and they were shocked.
Suddenly, we heard something breaking and we all saw an old man at the window of the abandoned house, looking at us.
We all felt scared, especially when we saw lights  coming from the abandoned house….. So we ran home and went to our houses.
The next day, in the newspapers, they were writing about this house and some children that had been found dead.  ,One of them was our friend, Velson. We were all so sad about Velson. Creepy??? I don't think so…..

By Nektarina D1      Happy Halloween. 

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