Stories and Activities from clubEFL Students


David and his family are going back home from a trip to his wife's parents. After a long day of travelling , David  cannot wait to get home and have a nice dinner with wine alongside his two children and his wife. While dreaming about it, a car pops out in front of him and suddenly, they are off the road, upside down. he cannot hear anything but the ambulance siren and his family's screams for help before he passes out.

David wakes up in a hospital bed. He souts for a nurse but no responce, so he calls for his wife and children but it's the same thing. he gets up and wanders around the hospital and searces around for people but he cannot find a single soul. Same thing with the rest of the city.

- Maybe there was an evacuation. He thinks to himself, trying to make sense of what is happening.

-Or maybe I am just dreaming. And saying that he pinches himself to make sure.

-Ouch! gess not. What's is going on? he said.

After that he thinks about his family.

- oh no! he shouts

He immediately runs to hi house hoping to find his family. He breaks in.

-Beth? Kids?. 

No response. He searches around the huse but still nothing. Then, he grabs the keys to this car and gos to his parent's house but it is also empty.

Days pass. The days become weeks and weeks become months.David is looking at photos of his family whilst sobbing, when he spots, at the corner of his eye, a silhouette of a human-like creature. 

-hello/ shouts david

This mysterious shadow runs off and david goes after it. Unfortunately he didn't catch up with it . Years pass and he has been seing it agaim multiple times. His food suplies are becoming scarce so he goes our to find more in a city close by. 


While driving that night, David is thinking of what that thing could possibly be. He comes to a conclusion that he is hallucinating since he hasn't need getting enough sleep for much time now. Suddenly the shadow jumps on his windshield screaming. Thes screams aren't normal, they sound like something mechanical but brocken. They crash into a tree, but fortunately David is still conscious and able to run, but the shadow catches up to him. As it is about to attack , he wakes up in a hospital again, similar to the one at the start of the whole thing. He looks around and spots his son reading in the chair infront of him. 

-John? he says.

His son looks up and shouts for his mom, and they all gather up around him.They seem a bit older.

-Beth?, kids? am I dreaming again? He says

-No honey we are all here. Says his wife.