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Spooky doll Hide & Seek by Dinos Karagiannis D1 Neon Aegina

  A family was living in a wonderful house in London, which wasn't far away from the city. 

But one day, they moved to a lonelier place in the USA. Nobody was there or somebody was there, but they couldn't see him.

It was a rainy afternoon but the sky was already dark and scary, their the kids had the feeling that something bad would happen. The furniture was a bit scary because it was a very old house, and in the fridge, there were spiders and some rotting food.

    Later that night, the 3 little kids heard a loud sound from the wardrobe. They saw their clothes moving and skulls opening their mouths.  All the lights went off and then, every light turned to red. The kids ran to the door but the door had disappeared.It was just a bloody wall and the ghost had written 'Go to your grandma's room…. Now! In blood.

When they went there, there was a spooky bloody doll and their grandma bleeding out with a knife in her neck. The doll was stabbing her with a machete, but when the doll saw the kids, it rushed to lock the door. While it was locking the door, the kids got the knife from their grandma's neck and stabbed the doll twenty timesTeardrops were dropping from its eyes as it broke the key to the door into a hundred pieces, then dropped dead. Suddenly two big figure appeared and smoke was coming out of their mouths, dead bodies from the wardrobe, while their parents were fighting demons in the other room.

 The boy who was the oldest kicked the door down but on his way to go to the bedroom, demons were following him. His parents were running downstairs but things started moving and everything was going upside down.  They broke a window and got out of the house. There were a lot of graves and serial killers more and more. The car was burning, fire was everywhere, even on the killers, but they didn't care.

The oldest boy and his dad pulled out carbines and pistols and started shooting everyone, with bodies falling on the ground. The police came and ambulances, too. No one was arresteed but the paramedics took the children's grandma. 

Next day,  it was her funeral as she was pronounced dead and everyone sobbed for her.

                                              THE END

Directeded by Konstantinos Karagiannis

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