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“The Lurking Eyes” By Kostis D1 NEON Aegina

 The Lurking Eyes           


 In a small house up on the hills of a mountain next to the village of Perando, there lived a small boy with his lumberjack father, his mother, his three dogs and one cat. Every day, his father would go in the forest and chop trees, while his mother would go down to the village to buy food and work at the local bookstore. The small boy would usually go down to his mother's bookstore and read horror books.

 One day, while the boy was at the bookstore, he found a book on the floor and picked it up. The book's title was called "The Lurking Eyes" and the author was unknown. He decided to take it home as he liked horror books and horror in general.

The same night, a very strange thing happened. As he was reading the book, he suddendly heard a noise coming from outside of his window, and as he went to check out the noise, he fainted out of nowhere without warning. When he woke up, he found himself lying on the hard grass of the forest next to his house, with a marking on his finger. As he started walking back to his house, he heard a voice calling his name. When he turned around, he saw two glowing eyes staring at him and giggling. The boy thought that he was hallucinating but the eyes started floating towards him while giggling. Once they got within touching distance with of him, he fainted again. On Once waking up, he realised he was in his bed again, holding his book in his hands, open in at a page that showed a picture of a boy walking in a dense forest while being watched by a pair of two glowing eyes…