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Sacrifice by Rika Sharif D2 NEON Aegina

Once upon a time, there was a guy called Felix. He was a really quite quiet person so that's why most of the people in his school spread rumours about him. One day, a new guy called Chris  came to his school and that guy he heard lot's lots of bad rumours about Felix. That's  which was why he wanted to know the truth about him, like is – was he really a serial killer?

So Chris decided to go and talk to him . Chris said hi to him but Felix just looked at him and Chris was a little angry about that but he let it  slide. "I'm new here and I'm looking for friends. Are you interested? " Chris asked him, but Felix said no with a really cold tone, which made  Chris even more curious about him so he decided to follow him after school and see what he was hiding.

The school had just ended and while Chris was following Felix, he heard him talking with someone on the phone, who sounded really creepy, just like Felix. Felix was walking for about an hour till he went inside a building. Chris obviously followed him, but he instantly regretted it because the door of the building suddenly closed. Chris looked behind him and saw Felix and Jake, another quite quiet kid of the school, holding a knife and Felix was holding a book. "Hahaha! You thought I didn't know that you were following me!  Felix said loudly. Jake went and stabbed Chris in his heart while Felix was reading some weird things from the book which made Chris understand that he was like a witch and Felix had just sacrificed him to the devil………..    

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