Stories and Activities from clubEFL Students

THE PORCELAIN DOLL by Athanasia Dermata

It was Jenny'ws birthday and she was so so excited to see what presents she would get! The party was awesome and all Jenny's friends were thereand they had so much fun.

    When her friends left, her parents had one more gift. Jenny opened the colourful box and she saw a porcelain doll. The doll was so beautiful. She had blue eyes,brownhair and a green floral dress. Jenny loved dolls ans always wanted one and she was so happy, so she decided to put the doll on her desk that she had in her room andshe went to sleep. But in the night, Jenny heard some strange sounds that were coming from the doll. The doll said to her that she was scared of the dark.

   The next morning, Jenny woke up and she went to play with her doll outside.When night came and Jennywenty to sleep, she heard her doll singing and atmidnight she decided to put the doll in the rubbish. The next morning , her mum called to herto wake up lots of times and finally mum wentto Jenny's room andshe saw Jenny on the floor. Jenny was dead and next to Jenny there was a letter written with her blood thst said: 'the next time that you throw me in rubbish do it better…'