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Fifty years ago, a couple was trying to find a big house near the mountains. Their names were George and Elisabeth and they had just finished college.

After searching for one week, they found a house in the mounstains, near a lake. They were so happy that thet found a house so they called the person that was selling it and told him that they wanted him to give them a tour inside the house. The man agreed and gave them the address.

Next day, they woke up early and got ready quickly. They got into the car and drove to the address that the man had told them. After 1 hour of driving, they were suprised to see a house that looked like it was abbandoned in the middle of nowhere, with an old man waiting outside. They got off the car and walked towards it. When they got there, the man handed them the house papers and opened the door. When they got in, the door SLAMMED loudly! The couple looked at each other and then they realised that the man had disappeared. They were really scared and then… a painting of a little girl fell off the wall… George went towards it nervously and put it back on the wall. But, when he looked at it, the girl that had been in the painting, wasn't there anymore! When he turned to his girlfriend, Elisabeth had red eyes and big and sharp teeth. George looked at her, scared, and then…. Elisabeth said:''Thanks for realising me. My name is Annie and I am the youngest daughter in the family who owned this house one hundred years ago! I am suprised that…it was that easy to trick you''. And then…

We don't know what happened to George but after that day, he wasn't ever seen again, but some people say that the spirit of the little girl lives on inside the body of Elisabeth.


When Buildings KillKALLI GARI D1