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The Lady’s Mansion by Katie Tzamali C1 NEON Aegina

  Hi I'm Katie and I will tell you a scary story about my great grandad. This happened when he was eleven years old.

   My grandad, named Nick, left his village because an earthquake destroyed his whole house. He was really sad to leave but he didn't have a choice. As they were  driving, down the road, the lights of there car turned of. The only place that they could stay the night was a big mansion. It was spooky and scary but beautiful at the same time. When they opened the door the saw that the house was in tact. It was like the owner dissapeard from one moment to another. Anyway, they walked in and then they got all the way upstairs to sleep. The kid slept downstairs on the couch. While he was sleeping, he opened his eyes and he saw a black creature coming at him and he woke up. As he was running to save his life, he noticed a light in the basement in the old, empty house.He went down and he saw an old lady, said to him, ''run, little kid, run for your life''! He immediately took his parents and left…

   They slept in their car for two days and nights. When they arrived at their new house, he did some resherch and he found out that the lady was the owner of the house and she had died two hundred years ago!!! When that hapened, he never went near ''The Lady's Mansion'' again.