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Spooky trip by Tinon C2 Neon Aegina

Every Sunday my friend and I go cycling. We often go outside a very scary graveyard. One Sunday we were cycling when I saw a letter that said come to save your friend in the graveyard of the ghost. Then we were trying to find a plan- something good. After a long time we thought of a plan.

At ten p.m we went to this graveyard. It was scarier than in the morning. We went inside and I saw blood then I heard a sound that said help me, please, and it was Fred. When we were looking around, I saw a man and suddenly, my friend, Kai disappeared. Then I scared.

After a while, I found a strange room it was the room of the devil. It was with scary pictures. After one hour everyone wasn’t talking I thought we have to be quiet I looked behind me and I was alone. It was scary because I was alone. After that I heard sounds of my friend. They were calling for help I followed the sound and I found everyone then we all ran outside but the man that saw didn’t saw us . Fred wasn’t good so we took him to the hospital but it was late because Fred died.

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