Stories and Activities from clubEFL Students

Spooky Story by faidra

It was Sunday night and Vicky was watching a scary movie on TV.While she was watching the film,she was eating chips.Suddenly,the bell rang and Vicky was afraid.She opened the door and it was her friend Maria.She came to her house because she was bored.Then she sat on the sofa with Maria and they watched the film together.After 15 minutes,it was raining a lot.Suddenly,they heard a loud noise from the bedroom and they were scared beacause they were alone in the house.Maria took a knife and she went upstairs to see who it was.While Maria was going upstairs,Vicky called police but they didn't answer.Then Vicky heard a scream.It was Maria!Then she went upstairs to see what happened.While she was going upstairs,a man killed Vicky with a knife.Maria and Vicky were dead.