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the biggest serial killer in japan John Maltezos NEON Aegina 2020

It all started,in the middle of the night …. when a serial killer started his career.His name was Yoshikage.He had a strange and terifying ability.Everything he touched could become a bomb and blow up when he closed his them.One day,there were some boys hanging out.;]…He pretended to fall and touched one of the buttons of the ones child's coat.Then he said I already touched that button…..:)Then the kid suddenly explodedand everyone ran.That was his first victim.After a month,a total of 28 people were killed and he was wanted.Some people made a vlog in a 'haunted house' so Yoshikage was going to strike.They saw him from the window and freaked out……………………………….They hided and Yoshikage started shouting…..Where are you?The one started shouting the holy book and said The power of Crist compels you and he melted.The vlog got deleted and for a year,he was know by the name Yoshikage Kira because kira means killer in Japanese and he did all his murders in Japan.