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Spooky story by Modestos D2,NEON Aegina

 One day, my best friendMarios, and I went for walk in the town of Aegina. As we were walking, we saw a scaryold house next to the cathedral. So we came up with idea to go inside and see what was inside. It was very dark and scary after we entered, so I turned on my cell phone torch so we could see better.

After that, we went to a room that looked like a living room and we found a lot of interesting things. In addition to the old furniture, we saw a bloody knife,  a cat's skeleton, some bank papers and several old books. We were quite scared but we continued and went to the toilet of the house where there was a piece of paper on the washing machine. It said that we should leavethe house quickly.  After we had read itwe left quickly.

This was a very scary experience and my friend and I will never forget it!