Stories and Activities from clubEFL Students

A spoky story by Nancy D2, NEON Aegina

It was Saturday night when my friends John,  Mary and I  decided to go for a long walk by the sea. While  we were walking, a small light appeared  from the trees. We thought that it was someone,. but no one was there. We continued the walk but then,  we heard a loud noise. We got very scared and ran away very fast. At the end of the road, there was an old house. We heard a baby crying and we decided to go inside to see what was  happening. We saw a baby girl with blood on her body. And suddenly, the baby disappeared . Then we were scared, again  and we all went  home. We asked our mother about this house and she told us  a story about a baby who was murdered by her schizophrenic mother. And what we heard was her  ghost.Children's Diabetes Foundation How to Handle Halloween with Type 1 Diabetes  - Children's Diabetes Foundation