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Spooky Story by Sotiris Marmarinos D1 NEON Aegina

I never heard a spooky story but I will try to tell one. The name of the story is The Insanity of Michael.              Michael was a close friend of mine. We were neighbours and we, sat next to each other at school. One time, when some of my friends and i were going to school as usual, something at school has changed. Michael was forced to go to break all the windows or else, some kids would have stuck his head down the toilet. So, he got in big trouble with the teachers and his parents, although he was innocent. We tried to explain to the teacher and his parents but they didn't believe him. One day, i had a phone call from Michael. He said, "Dont worry. it all end soon…" I freaked out. I did'nt know what he was talking about. Next day,  we saw something in the public toilets of our school. Michael was there laughing on his own, He was threatening some bullies! Michael said, "I AM THE ANGRY BIRD GOD OF THE BADLANDS. FEAR ME!!! HAHA!!!" Michael instantly hung the bullies with a rope in the bathroom, then he looked at us and he said, with a different voice and with bloody eyes, "I'm gonna saw through your bones!!! And your gonna live in my world! Hahaha!!!" We were freaking out after what he'd said and we instantly left the bathroom, to warn the teachers and call the police. Michael didn't know what was going on once he had his sences back. The last thing that i can remember is when he went to prison, he was ok and I wasn't mad at him – not that I liked the things that he did, but he was my friend. He didn't mean to do all those things… I know he wouldn't i know…           The End