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‘A strange day’ by Helen Chrysochoou D2, NEON Aegina

     It was a cold and creepy thundery day. My friend and I decided to go to the library to find out some information about a project. When we arrived, my mum left us . We both weren't scared until all the lights turned off!  We worried but we went inside.

    There wasn't anyone inside of the library. We were looking everywhere for a book but my friend found a big,fat and magic book. We opened it! And then we listened to a voice,which  said; ' Come with me, not for a while'. We screamed loudly! We ran away and then someone heard us. He told us that there was a story about an old man, who'd read this book over a thousand times and then the book 'ate' him. So, when someone was annoying him , he'd 'wake up' and scare them. We didn't believed him, so we destroyed the book. It was fun but then the voice said again; 'You will regret this!!!'.

Girl Creepy Mystical Composition - Free photo on PixabayHalloween Book Talk - Lessons - Tes TeachHelen Chrysochoou