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“Spooky story”Fotini D1 Neon Aegina

Jisoo was walking to her home at 23:00. She'd stopped work very late today because they'd had some work to finish. It was very quiet on the street but she was very worried for some reason. Two minutes later she heard steps behind her but she didn't look. She couldn't. Five minutes later, she could still hear the steps behind her. She was thinking what to do. She decided to look because she was very scared. It was a human but she couldn't see what it was – male or female. It was very dark and the human was wearing something on its face, probably a mask. It wasn't very tall and it was thin. Jisoo shouted, "Hello", and her voice was very worried. The human waved at her and Jisoo smiled, "Probably it's ok. Why was I worried?" and she continued to walk. But she was wrong.The human behind her was shouting, "Go away!". She didn't look. She walked faster but the human did the same. She started to run as fast as she could. What should she do? Someone was following her! "I'll go to Lisa's home, it's nearer than mine", she thought. She ran to her friend's home and knocked on the door. – Lisa, open the door! Lisa was watching her favourite soap opera. She lowered the volume of the TV. – Jisoo, is that you? – Yes, open the door! Lisa opened the door and Jisoo entered the house. – Close the door, now! – What's happening? Jisoo told her what happened. Lisa wasn't very afraid. She thought her friend was kidding. – Ok. Well,sit here and I will back in 5 minutes. She left and Jisoo stayed in the living room. Four minutes later, someone knocked on the door. "Oh, she forgot her keys again!" thought Jisoo. She opened the door but it wasn't Lisa. It was "the mysterious human"! Jisoo started screaming and the human was laughing. She had heard this laugh. – What's happening? – It's happening that you are victim of a joke! – What? Lisa came back. She was laughing too. The human took off the mask. It was Lisa's and Jisoo friend, Jennie. – Well, it was a little bit funny. But only a little bit!