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Spooky Story by Kyriakos Stavropoulos NEON Aegina

We bought an old house, my boyfriend and I. He was in charge of the "new" construction – converting the kitchen into the master bedroom for instance, while I'm on wallpaper removal duty. The previous owner had papered EVERY wall and CEILING! Removing it was brutal, but oddly satisfying. The best feeling was getting a long peel, similar to your skin when you're peeling from a sunburn. I don't know about you but I made a game of peeling, on the hunt for the longest piece before it rips.

Under a corner section of paper in every room was a person’s name and a date. Curiosity got the best of me one night when I Googled one of the names and discovered the person was actually a missing person, with the missing date matching the date under the wallpaper!

The next day, I made a list of all the names and dates. Sure enough, each name was for a missing person with dates to match. We notified the police who naturally sent out the crime scene team. I overhead one tech say, "yup, it's human". Human? What's human?" I asked. "Ma'am, where is the material you've already removed from the walls? This isn't wallpaper you were removing…."Spooky Old Haunted House Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image  4857379.