Stories and Activities from clubEFL Students

Scary story by Stelios Gkaris D2,Neon,Aegina

Me and my friend  George went to a scary house to decorate the house for a party at midnight at 9p.m. to decorate the house .Were in the garden when we understood someone was following us.It was nothing.We went at night nothing.I went inside the house and it had four rooms.Under this house millions of years ago, it was a cemetry.If you see something scary tell me I said.We decorated the house 12p.m. came.At 12p.m.,1 we saw a hand that wasn't a decoration of mine and George.We see that and we told everone,'' go to your houses!A person is in the house!We went home and the next day,we went back but the house wasn't there and we heard the story the child who was trapped in the scary house.Stelios D2

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