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I DON’T EVEN KNOW MYSELF.. By Elena sofianou Neon Aigina




Halloween…… the only night of the year that everyone has the nerve to become something different.

Some people choose to dress up as monsters and others choose to dress up as something less scary. There is also a small category that seesHalloween as another excuse to eat candy and share some really unpleasant ghost stories.I guess that I am the only one in this category.If you ask me, ghosts are just cover-up stories for horrific things,such as murders, done by humans.I don't believe that every Halloween, the dead walk the earth and I definitely don't believe that the house I live in tonight will be a hotel for ghosts. The only monster that ever existed is the Human Being.

You are probably wondering why would a girl who lives in New Orleans hate All Hallows Eve that much?Well, there is a logical explanation for everything,isn't there?




V:Kyle could you please hurry up? We’re going to miss the first half of the movie.You know there is no Halloween without the classic Halloween movie ……

K:Could you please relax? You’ve seen this movie ten times, love .

We got into his car and drove to the movies .The streets were crowded, people running around like ghosts and children ringing bells,shouting “trick or treat?” to any unlucky person who would open the door.Halloween was my favouritecelebration, too.I would always choose the classic vampire costume and Kyle would always put his Jason mask on.But this night wasn’t fun at all.Something about this night gave me chills and made my heart go crazy.

K: Violet, were you even paying attention to what I just said?

V:Yes, honey. I'm sorry I got distracted.Oh, we are here! Finally… my Halloween movie!


It is almost nine. People are already outside celebrating; I can see them from my window. These days make me really miserable. The only thing I can think about is my sweet Kyle and how my whole life was ruined in just a second. We were about to get married, you know, but life had other plans for us. I decide to visit the graveyard since it is the only place where I truly find peace. The only place that is quiet enough for me, and the only place I can see my Kyle.



The movie was over.We were walking back to the car when we heard a weird noise coming out of another car nearby. It was like somebody was being murdered. At first, we thought that we should probably leave well alone but Kyle’s bloody manners were stronger than that.

K: Stay here.I’ll be back in less than a minute.

V: That is exactly what the guy from the movie said just seconds before he was murdered.

K:Relax ,love. But stay in the car, no matter what.

And this was the last time I heard his voice. This was the last time I saw his beautiful face and smelt his cologne. He was gone.He was murdered on Halloween night.




V: Hello Kyle. I know it’s been a long time and that I should’ve come back here earlier but I cannot look at this grave. You cannot be in there.You should have been here with me, the whole time. Why did you have to help everyone, baby? What did they ever do for you? Today is Halloween and guess what? I’ve decided to decorate the house just for you. If any of these things they say are true, that ghosts exist, then please visit me tonight……      I miss you…… I’d rather be there with you than here on my own. I love you Kyle. Well, I’d better get going. I have to get ready …Bye love…

My connection with Kyle is the strongest thing I have ever felt in my whole life. It was not just romance.When my parents were murdered, by the monster of a sister I have, he was there for me. He was the reason I did not give up on life, the reason I wanted to get out of bed in the morning. I met him a month after the tragedy had happened. I was alone then. No relative cared about me and thenKyle walked into my life and saved me. When he was taken from me, it felt even worse than losing my parents.

As I am walking home, I hear a strange noise. It’s a scream, actually. I start running towards the voice but the only thing I see are teenagers laughing. Stupid kids,they don’t even understand that scaring people is just impolite. What is wrong with them? I am just outside my house when I hear a noise coming from my garden. Stupid kids, I thought and immediately started walking towards the house,when I’m stopped by a horrible smell. It’s at this moment I realize what it is. The sight of it makes my insides turn over.I think I must be dreaming, but no. The smell brings me back to reality…….  It’s a dead body.

I walk in the house, about to call the police when suddenly, everything goes black. It’s at this moment that I know I’m in real trouble.


I wake up in a dark room, nothing but a bed and a dusty chair in it. As I am struggling to open my eyes,I start noticing that there is someone in the room with me. No! It can’t be! The man right next to me is Kyle. He is alive! Tears start streaming down my face until my happiness is interrupted by another man, who enters the room

Man: Violet, I hope you’ve said your last goodbyes to Kyle. You see, his time on this planet is over.

V:Please, don’t hurt him! Just take me.

Man:Sorry, love. I cannot do that.

The man approaches Kyle with a sharp knife and my heart stops. He is about to stab him but no….. Inches away from his face, he stops. Both of them start laughing in a sick way.

V: I don’t understand, Kyle. Please tell me what is going on.

K: You see my sweet Violet, I am obviously not dead. Actually, I am more than alive. Since I met you, I have been dreaming about this day. I know you are confused right now but I will explain everything. The truth is, that I was never in love with you, not even close. The reason I pretended to love you was your sister. She was my girlfriend before you sent her to jail. She was the light of my life. She was the angel that you and your parents turned into a demon. So I had to kill them. You were stupid enough to think that your sister was responsible for it. I could not go to jail so I started working on my plan. Making you fall for me was easy but I could not marry you, so I lied again, I pretended to die so I could get away from you. I was so close to getting your sister back but she was not strong enough.She is dead.

V: No, this is not true! You are a liar! Alison is alive!

K: No. You killed her Violet! You are the monster here. But it is time for you to pay. Death is too good for you but I have no other option. Only the idea of you being alive makes me sick. I hate you! I always did!

V: You’ve ruined my life! You are a real monster, Kyle. How could you do this to me? You are a psychopath!

He gets close to my face and kisses my lips.He can’t be that twisted, surely! The only thing I feel is disgust. While he was kissing me, I am able to steal his knife. As he gets up and turns around, I close my eyes and stab him to death. I am about to run out of the room, when everything that has happened tonight hits my head hard. I fall down, crying my eyes out. I have nothing left here. I just want to rest.I have no choice but to do it. I take the knife from the floor and draw a line on my neck.

‘’At least now I will be with my parents’’ I think.  Soon, I am finally resting.


Halloween  2018

I guess some people are not even allowed to rest after death. I am trapped in this house with Kyle. I see his disgusting face everywhere in this house. I was hoping that someone would buy the place and I would finally have some company, but Kyle has been scaring away everyone who ever tries to set foot here.

“This is revenge’’ he says.

I never actually thought that being with the person I loved the most would be punishment. But I am unlucky enough to be depressed, even after death.

Life is a journey that we cannot control. It is a game we cannot win. If I know something now, it is that nothing is impossible. I used to think that Halloween stories were cliché, but here I am. I am, myself, a Halloween story. I guess one day people will be talking about me as a Halloween creature.

The End