Stories and Activities from clubEFL Students


One night me and my friend Paris went in a haunted house. People there said that in this house a 16 years old girl died in there. We believed them and we still believe them.It was 2:50 am at night and we had the most needed itmes with us a phone, a torch,a selfie stick,water,and some snacks.We said that we will stay there untill 5:00 the morning.We got inside the house and there was a bad smell like a dead persons blood.

We turned on the torches and we split up to search the house.We only found a key and a locked box.We opened the box with the key and we thought it was gonna be some money but it was'nt money.It was a message with black letters said <<if you are reading this letter right now it mean that you have to leave the house or else…>>.We stayed in.Then we got upstairs and I forgot to say that it was a windy night.When we got upstairs we saw the first and last unbroken window.Suddently the wind blowed so bad and that window got smashed and some of the pieces hurt me.My friend asked me if I want to leave home to see my hand but I said <<NO>>.So we stayed. Then we saw something like a foot in the bathroom we got a bit closer and the bad smell got stronger.Then we realised that it was a dead body so we ran out of the house and went back home.

                                                                                                                                                                 THE END

                                                                                                      Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για HAUNTED HOUSE

                                                  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!