Stories and Activities from clubEFL Students

THE SCARY HOUSE. Nikoleta Tsoukala language school

It was scary and a big haunted house there were three witches and they were very bad. They had a black cat as a pet,a vampire and a werewolve.Inside,the house they were spider webs, a skeleton and Frankenstain and big candies. They hung in their door a sign on which there was a phrase "Trick or Treat".They made a soup with apples, frogs and bats and they added some pumpkin. Suddenly, in the road i saw a ghost and in the garden i saw scarecrow and a very small owl with red eyes. All around the haystack there were many jack-o-lanterns.After ten minutes three kids came and they had beautiful costumes.The first kid was wearing a mummy,the other was dressed a devil and the last one was an astronaut.Finally i was too scared so i left from there