Stories and Activities from clubEFL Students

Tremor after the English george mylosis

It as an ordinary Winter night. After i have finished the english school, i went back to my house. The road in the small village was empty. All the people were at home with their families. As i was going home, i felt someone watching me. At first, i began looking insistently back but there wasn't anyone. Then i thought i had to go to my house so i began running. When suddedly looked behind me and i saw two men dressed in black were very close to me. I got scared and i began shouting but they didn't stop. As i was running i fell down and they were approaching me more and more. Fortunately, i got up immediately. Then i realized that i was close to my home and i started shouting again. I was lucky when a neighbour came out and they ran away. What a scary night. I'll never forget it…..