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The Evil Teddy Bear by Deppy Nikolaiidi D2 Neon, Aegina

On the 13th one Friday, a kid had his birthday and his mum got a teddy bear for his birthday. That night, the kid slept with his little teddy bear. When the boy woke up in the night, he saw that the teddy bear was missing and he went to find it. After, he drank some water, then he shouted loudly, "Mum, where are you?". No answer. He went to her room but the door was locked and he said to himself, Mum never locks her door. Why tonight? I'm very scared. He knocked on her door again and again but there was no answer.

He went to the bathroom, he went to the kitchen and he went to the living room. He went all over the house but…….. nothing. So, he went again to her bedroom and this time, the door was unlocked.  .He opened it and saw his teddy bear with a knife and his mum, covered with blood. She had been killed by his teddy bear! The teddy bear said to the boy,

"Now, it's your turn"  and the teddy bear jumped quickly, so quickly over to the kid and killed him.

The teddy bear went to the city and killed all the people because he wanted to be alone with the other teddy bears in the city!

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