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The Hauted House by Despoina Panou C1 NEON Aegina

Last year,on Halloween my mum told me this story.There was a boy who lived in a small village with his family.One day,he was

walking home in the dark,when he noticed a light in the upstairs window of an old,empty house.The boy was scared,so he ran

home.Next day,he learnt that a family had moved there.People said that ghosts and vampiries were there.The family was

scared,so they wanted to move from.The time that they went through the door,weird things happened and nobody saw the family again.People said that the ghosts had killed them.What To Do If You Live In A Haunted House10 Haunted Roads in the U.S. for Ghosts, Supernatural Creatures, and UFO  Sightings | Travel + Leisure