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A strange house… by Olga D2 NEON Aegina.

       Every time I see this house, I feel a cold current. There is a very strange and spooky story about it. Let me tell you….. '' One night, I went upstairs and I saw, that a room that had been locked…. open! I took a few steps, and found that the candles on the table were lit. I scared! I closed the door and I went downstairs.

         Next day, my mum came to my house and told me, that my aunt Katina had been a very strong witch. I felt strange. I didn't want a witch in my house, even if it was a spirit.

        The same night, my mum, told me that the next day, would be 23 years since Katina's death and she must give and tell me something. In the morning, we went upstairs and the room was open again. My mum gave me a chest. It was very good, closed with ropes. I couldn't cut them. At that moment, the window opened and the spirit of Katina, came and burned the ropes. My mum told me that Katina said, when she marked 23 years since her death, she would be born again. For this reason came the spirit. But how would she  be born again? I was the answer!

        I opened the chest. Very strange things for a human, but for a witch…. tarot cards, 'Estir' the love potion and tow books. One of the books was made of iron.and the other had a magic potion on it. I looked at the iron one. It was made of iron, but it wasn't heavy. When I looked in it …. it was empty. But, in a few seconds, it began to show me the story of Katina's life. I froze. Very strange things were happening. Katina was going to be born in me and why had she given me all her magic things? Did she want me to be like her?

       I went out of the house, and I took my car to the port. I left. Only my mum went to the house, to close the doors and then she left too''.  I have never been able to do magic, but I had the her abilities… I was throwing the tarot like she did and I was having visions. After all this, I wasn't an ordinary woman. I was… a WITCH!

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