Stories and Activities from clubEFL Students

The Jacobs boarding house by Penny Neon Aegina

  In 1980 on Aegina in Afaias street, there was a boarding house. It belonged to the Jacobs family. They were really strange. Their little son was about ten years old. He never went to school but he was smarter than Einstein! His sister was sixteen years old and she also naver went school. She had black lips and when she talked, bad things happened! Their dad, Mr Jacobs, had pale skin and there was a spider on his head. Some people said that he' d died many years ago and then he become a ghost! His wife, Mrs Jacobs, had purple eyes and when she looked at a candle, it blew out!

   Their first customers were a young couple. They stayed for one week. When they left the boarding house, they were dump! Then a woman went there with a baby only for one night. She went to bed with her baby next to her. When she woke up the next morning, it was missing!

After a little time, a boy went there with his sister. He was afraid but she told him they' d be fine. They had dinner, they said goodnight to each other and went to their beds. During the night, the boy woke up and saw that his sister was dead! There was a knife in her heart! He ran to the police stetion and told the policemen to follow him. When they arrived, the boarding house was on fire. After that, the Jacobs family died, but some people say that they are still ther and waiting for someone to come…